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Your campus or institution may qualify for the grant of a full Alertus Desktop enterprise license. Don't let budgetary constraints stand in the way of safety.   Click here to learn more about the Alertus Desktop Grant Initiative.

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Alertus Desktop

Rapid Alerts to All or Select Computers in Your Facility


Truly effective mass notification must reach your users more than one way. Alertus Desktop gets the attention of your computer users immediately. When an emergency occurs and you activate a warning, Alertus Desktop will pop up a full-screen (or optional partial-screen) alert on all or select PCs and Macs in your enterprise, taking over the whole screen with a warning that's impossible to miss. Alertus Desktop can be activated through the Alertus Activation Software or your existing third-party personal recipient notification software.

Part of the broader Alertus facility notification solution, Alertus Desktop is simple to deploy and activates instantaneously when triggered through the server. As clients respond by clicking the "Acknowledge" button, you get unit by unit reporting which is so vital in tracking the effectiveness of your EMN system. Click on the tabs below to learn more:


Key Features

  • Intelligent Load Management: Dynamically adjusts polling interval to optimize notification speed while maintaining critical stability
  • Highly Customizable: Alert text, logos, behavior, context menu text can be tailored to suit your organization’s needs
  • Cross-Platform: Windows and Mac
  • Easy Installation: Compatible with desktop management tools for unattended installs. Clients automatically configure themselves
  • Dynamic Localization: Clients can be automatically assigned to groups using IP subnets or name, using custom rules you define
  • Non-Invasive: Runs in background with minimal network traffic (~1 KB per request)
  • Auditing / Reporting: Detailed real-time reports track who receives / acknowledges each message and the current status of each client

Premier Features

  • Flexible Display Modes: In addition to full-screen, quarter/partial screen and scrolling ticker notifications supported
  • Template Customization: Easily skin one of several existing templates to suit your organization’s brand identity
  • Audio Options: Automatically enunciate the alert message with text-to-speech or initiate sound files when a notification is received
  • Image and Rich Content: Images, for example of an intruder captured from surveillance cameras can be easily embedded in the pop-up alert, or select from the provided library of useful emergency and informational icon images
  • Active Directory/LDAP Recipient Targeting: Allows alerts to target all users in an AD/LDAP Group or Entry (OU or CN)
  • Active Directory/LDAP/Shibboleth Login: Leverages your organization’s LDAP/Active Directory server or Shibboleth Single Sign On (SSO) for authentication to originate an alert from the Alertus Console (UI)
  • User Restrictions: Advanced permissions to partition and restrict user access to groups, nodes, alert settings, and preset alerts. Multiple permission levels can be designated according to organizational role.
  • Map Interface: Displays the locations of all alert nodes with geographic location data on interactive aerial map, whereby alerts can be initiated to recipients in a circular or polygonal geographic area
  • ThreatWatcher: Retrieves and processes alert data from multiple external sources including NOAA weather alerts, general CAP and EDXL-DE alerts.
  • Outbound Distributed Recipient/Outcall: Utilize the Alertus Console as your one-step activation of 3rdparty personal recipient notification services
  • International Language Support: Bilingual and non-English messages

How It Works

Alertus Desktop is activated when you trigger an emergency alert through the Alertus server, which is the heart of the entire Alertus System. Clients poll the server at preset intervals, activating within seconds in case of emergency.

Alertus System Diagram with Alertys Desktop

Technical Details

Communication  Clients pull alerts using standard HTTP
WAN Accessible  Configurable to allow off-site users to receive alerts, if desired
Secure  Pull based method does not require open listening ports. Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) verifies the integrity and authenticity of messages.
Installer  MSI (windows), MPKG (Mac)

Client Computer Requirements

Operating Systems:
  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 with the .NET 2.0 Framework (or greater) installed
  • Mac OSX 10.5+
~7 Mbs of free hard disk space
Network connectivity to the Alertus Server
Administrative permission for installation


Alertus Desktop is part of the much larger Alertus System, permitting multiple dispatch or "trigger" methods. Messages are sent through the same fast, flexible dispatch interface used to activate Alertus Beacons and other products in the system.

Alertus System Diagram with Alertys Desktop


In just a few simple steps, you can implement Alertus Desktop on computers throughout your facility. Here are the basics:
  1. Alertus provides you with credentials to download the Alertus Desktop server and client software from the Alertus secure portal.
  2. Read the installation guide and documentation found on our comprehensive Alertus support website.
  3. Install the Alertus Server software, which can be a stand-alone server or in VM mode.
  4. Configure the client software to suit your requirements.
  5. Deploy PC and Mac clients throughout your enterprise