In 2009, FEMA contracted with Alertus Technologies through Northrop Grumman to study Alertus's radio subcarrier systems technology for usefulness in the nation's new Integrated Public Alert Warning System (IPAWS).

The study is scheduled to be completed in 2010.  If you'd be interested in receiving a copy of the final study report, please contact us today and we'll add you to the distribution list.

Most recently, at the annual NAB Conference in Las Vegas from April 12-15, 2010 (attended by over 80,000 people), FEMA demonstrated a variety of leading edge in-building emergency notification capabilities provided by Alertus Technologies, including Alert Beacons, Text-to-Speech Voice Annunciators, Digital Signage Override, and Alertus Desktop computer alerting.

The IPAWS demonstration included several CAP “producers”, which are dispatch interfaces used to compose and post CAP messages.  These systems published data to the DM-Open Interoperability COG.  The other half of the demo consisted of a few CAP “consumers”, including the Alertus Facility Notification System, which received data from the COG and communicated it publicly.

During the event, FEMA personnel dispatched messages corresponding to pre-determined scenarios.  A FEMA laptop operated the Alertus Server Software, which was configured to poll the COG, retrieve the data, and transmit the emergency notifications to the Alert Beacons and other Alertus facility notification end-points.