Airport Emergency Notification Solutions


Airports Face Emergency Notification Challenges

Airports face numerous, significant obstacles in communicating to its entire facility if an emergency occurs. Multiple terminals, each consisting of airport employees and storefront tenants, make for a potentially large group and geographic area to cover in the event of an emergency. A high volume of travelers and airport visitors make maintaining a comprehensive database of contacts nearly impossible.

These challenges have left Airports with few options to notify everyone during an emergency. With the Alertus System, airports can now reliably and consistently reach a large population across an expansive footprint using technologies and infrastructure airports already have.

Alertus Mass Notification System for Airports

Reliable Notification

The innovative Alertus Mass Notification System leverages existing infrastructure and IT assets to seamlessly integrate with existing assets, and can expand notification reach with reliable, cost-effective solutions such as the Alert Beacon. This compatibility enables an airport to effectively fill in gaps of emergency communication.

The Alertus System can leverage these commonly found technologies:

Expanding Your Reach

For areas that might have limited to no coverage, such as walkways and underground tunnels that connect to the terminals, airports can implement the Alertus Alert Beacon®. This wall-mounted device can be installed almost anywhere, produces attention-grabbing bright flashes and loud sounds, and displays a custom message about the nature of the emergency and how to respond.

Alertus LED Marquees can extend the Alert Beacon’s reach for higher visibility in areas such as baggage claim and in baggage handling and other high-noise areas.

Additionally, the Alertus System can unify an airport’s emergency notification system by providing a single point of activation. This feature ensures quick and effective activation during an emergency situation.

Emergency alert beacon in airport facility
The Alertus System has improved our ability to communicate and we all know that in emergency situations, communication is key. So we knew when we were first talking to Alertus that we wanted to bring the product in for the purpose of getting the information out to the people that it needs to go to.
— Carl Beardsley, Executive Director, Wilkes-Barre Scranton International Airport

Landside/Terminal Operations

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