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Overhead Alert Display


Overhead Alert Display


Please note that this product is in development for future release.

Alertus is developing an LED display with the ability to illuminate text on a solid color background (e.g., white text on an all-red background). These displays offer a cost effective way to reach individuals in large, public areas (indoors and outdoors) with emergency notifications and simple announcements. Alert displays are typically placed overhead to complement wall-mounted Alert Beacons. Additionally, overhead alert displays and Alert Beacons serve deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals and ensure your facilities are ADA compliant. Please see our LED marquee and digital signage override product pages for more information on signage override, or contact us today to discuss other alerting options.

Key Features

  • Notification Coverage: Notify individuals in large, public areas (indoors and outdoors), and ideal for high-noise areas

  • Customizable: Display is fully customizable and can illuminate text on a solid color background

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We particularly appreciated the Alert Beacons’ ability to interface with external audio-visual devices such as sirens, strobes, television, and scrolling marquees. We feel that these types of displays are well-suited [or notifying a portion of our disabled population and complying with ADA requirements.
— Steve Corich, Public Safety Director, Mesa Community College