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Alertus Desktop™ Notification

Truly effective mass emergency notification should effectively reach your users through multiple channels. Alertus Desktop™ Notification grabs the attention of your computer users immediately with a full screen (or optional partial screen) pop-up alert. When an emergency occurs and you activate a warning, a full-screen alert will appear on all or select PCs and Macs across your facilities. Alertus Desktop™ Notification can be activated through the Alertus Activation Software or your existing third-party personal recipient notification software.

Did you know that certain organizations can qualify for the Alertus Desktop™ Notification Donation Initiative? Click here to learn more and how you can qualify.

Alertus’ optional enhanced desktop notification solution also allows organizations to send non-emergency notifications using partial screen or ticker alerts that provide less intrusive but equally effective methods for communicating company-wide messages.

Alertus Chromebook Notification - the first notification solution of its kind for Google Chromebooks, is built specifically for use by Chrome devices. Click to learn more.

Key Features

  • Wake-on-LAN (Beta) Capability: Override sleeping computers, waking them to display a notification when an alert is sent. Available for Alertus Desktop Windows client only

  • Lock Screen Alerts: Display alerts on computers when user’s screen is locked

  • Highly Customizable: Alert text, logos, template, behavior, and context menu text can be tailored to suit your organization’s needs

  • Flexible Display Modes: In addition to full-screen notification, quarter/partial screen and scrolling ticker notifications supported

  • Audio & Image Options: Automatically enunciate the alert message with text-to-speech or initiate sound files when a notification is received. Images can be easily embedded in the pop-up alert, or select from the provided library of useful emergency and informational icon images

  • Auditing/Reporting: Detailed real-time reports track who receives/acknowledges each message and the current status of each client

  • User Restrictions: Advanced permissions to partition and restrict user access to groups, nodes, alert settings, and preset alerts. Multiple permission levels can be designated according to organizational role

  • Map Interface: Displays the locations of all alert nodes with geographic location data on interactive aerial map, whereby alerts can be initiated to recipients in a circular or polygonal geographic area

  • ThreatWatcher: Retrieves and processes alert data from multiple external sources including NOAA weather alerts, general CAP and EDXL-DE alerts

  • Outbound Distributed Recipient/Outcall: Utilize the Alertus Console as your one-step activation of third-party personal recipient notification services

  • International Language Support: Bilingual and non-English messages

*Some features require enhanced support and are not included as part of the basic desktop notification option.

We ended up selecting the Alertus Desktop™ Notification because it’s the best way to reach all of our employees in a rapid manner and then have a logged response when people acknowledged the alert.
— Jason Sufka, Security Operations Supervisor, Hennepin County Medical Center

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