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Fire Alarm Interface

The Alertus emergency notification system is designed with integration in mind. The new NFPA 72 compliant fire alarm control panel interface connects your entire mass notification system and provides a comprehensive method for monitoring your fire panel system to both activate and distribute emergency alerts.

This innovative interface takes fire alarm event information from the fire panel, applies smart logic/transformation technologies, and broadcasts messages over multiple communication paths. The system instantly responds upon activation of the fire alarm panel, recognizes the identity of the device initiating the fire alarm, and translates commonly used fire panel abbreviations into an intelligible spoken message. Messages can include data about the nature and location of fire alarms.

Key Features

  • Notification Coverage: Fire alarm integration allows fire panel events to activate the Alertus system, which extends to the Alert Beacon and text-to-speech functionality to provide spoken voice output. The system also ties in with existing strobes and sounders

  • Broader Application: The Alertus system is compliant with NFPA 72 and can process many different types of fire panel codes to send a variety of predefined emergency alerts

  • Integration: The fire panel interface is compatible with existing fire alarm panels and PA systems and requires little to no alteration to existing systems

  • Monitoring: The Alertus fire panel interface allows the Alertus system to monitor and command the fire panel to suppress notification modalities such as strobes and sirens in the event of an emergency alert that does not require facility evacuation

Alertus Fire Panel Activation Method

Alertus Fire Panel Activation Method

The system had to have the capability to read a truncated message from the fire alarm panel, convert it to an intelligible plain text language, and distribute it through all the multi-modality means of communication that we currently used—one of which was digital, in-house paging.
— Bret Martin, Director of Fire, Life Safety, and Utilities, Carolinas HealthCare System

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