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Multimedia Alert Display & Intercom

Alertus Multimedia Alert Display & Intercom
Alertus Multimedia Alert Display & Intercom

Multimedia Alert Display & Intercom


Please note that this product is in development for future release.

The Multimedia Alert Display and Intercom is designed for indoor or outdoor public access locations to provide enhanced communication and support for guests and visitors. The graphic capacitive touch display can be configured for keypad or icon input and provides content to the visitor. This can be as simple as a corporate logo or multiple pages of content navigated by the visitor.                       

Multimedia alert displays are ideal for security monitoring, employee access, greeting visitors, one- or two-way video calling and can be used as an enhanced courtesy phone, multi-tenant gate or entrance, guest service, or visitor assistance kiosk. Graphic icons with multilingual menus and SIP-based speech, text, or video communication make this device ideal for serving international, multilingual, or hearing impaired clients.

Key Features

  • Integrated: Ties into your facility notification system to provide instant emergency alerts throughout your campus

  • Enhanced Functionality: Combines the functionality of an IP phone, security camera, and interactive kiosk

  • Versatility: Designed for both indoor and outdoor public access locations

  • Customizable: Ability to create navigation menus, page images, and icons

  • ADA Compliant: Serves everyone using SIP-based speech, text, or video to serve hearing impaired clients

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The system is very reliable and easy to manage. The system’s strength is in its simplicity and user-friendliness.
— Randy Merced, Manager of College Security, Community College of Philadelphia

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  • Display: Sunlight viewable 5.7” VGA color capacitive touch display
  • Camera: Integrated camera for still snapshot or H.264 video streaming
  • Secure: Weatherproof Wideband speaker and dual microphones
  • Versatile: More complex applications may be created using QT based QML script language
  • Other: Presence detection and Secure door/gate management