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LED Marquee

Alertus LED marquees offer a cost effective way to reach large indoor or outdoor public areas with emergency notifications or simply announcements. LED marquees are typically placed overhead to complement wall-mounted Alert Beacons. Additionally, LED displays and Alert Beacons serve deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals and ensure your facilities are ADA compliant.

Alertus LED marquees are configured and activated through the easy to use browser-based Alertus Activation Software, or through most major distributed recipient mass notification software.

Key Features

  • Notification Coverage: Multiple display modes, remotely selectable

  • Customizable: Select from background color palate to distinguish emergency alerts from announcements

  • Multi-Purpose: Current time displayed when no alert or announcement is active, thus doubling as a synchronized clock

  • Various Settings: Word wrapping and time/date formatting; auto-brightness sensor

  • Remote Monitoring: Automatic email notification to appropriate staff if a sign is unresponsive

  • Power Supply: Uses the same power source as the Alert Beacon and is energy efficient

We particularly appreciated the Alert Beacons’ ability to interface with external audio-visual devices such as sirens, strobes, television, and scrolling marquees. We feel that these types of displays are well-suited [or notifying a portion of our disabled population and complying with ADA requirements.
— Steve Corich, Public Safety Director, Mesa Community College

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