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Panic Buttons

Alertus Technologies offers an array of signaling appliances to serve a variety of applications. By leveraging existing infrastructure and communication paths, Alertus panic buttons provide immediate, easy, one-step emergency notice activation. Users can quickly launch an alert for a general emergency—such as an accident or medical emergency—by simply pressing the panic button. Pressing the panic button will then activate notification alerts through other, integrated products—including the Alert Beacon®, Alertus Desktop Notification, LED marquee display, text-to-speech interface for public address and giant outdoor speaker systems, fire alarm interface, VoIP phone alerting, and digital signage and cable television override. The panic button can connect to your network via a USB port, and alerts are customizable depending on your needs and can be configured using custom event triggers.

The computer-based, or electronic panic button, offers users another option in which Alertus Desktop Notification provides panic button features on any computer through the use of hotkeys and system tray emergency buttons. This allows your organization to extend the Alertus panic button functionality to any computer or workstation. As with the wall-mounted emergency buttons or physical panic buttons, users can quickly launch a general emergency alert by simply pressing a button on their computer. Finally, the Alertus system can interface with a number of existing signaling devices including sounders and strobes.



  • Integrated: Fully integrated with the Alertus suite of emergency mass notification products. Can also be configured to work with existing notification systems or products you may already have in place

  • Customizable Preset Alerts: Panic button alerts are pre-set for general emergencies and are fully customizable depending on your needs

  • Custom Event Triggers: Ability to configure optional custom event triggers to enhance the default panic button capabilities. Using custom event triggers, you can:

    • Change the alert based on the time of day, day of the week, or date the panic button was activated

    • Send alerts based on the group or location of the activating device

    • Launch multiple alerts to different recipients for a single panic button activation

Emergency Button Features

  • Wall-mounted with lift cover

  • Immediate, easy, one-step emergency notice activation

  • Quickly launch an alert for a general emergency

  • Pressing the emergency button activates notification alerts through other, integrated products

  • Light display options: Choice of red, green, blue, or standard white

  • Wireless, wearable tags

Desktop Activator Features

  • Launch preset alerts instantly to decrease activation time in an emergency New!

  • Software-based, panic button integrated with Alertus Desktop Notification

  • Extends panic button features to any computer or workstation

  • Notifications activated using scenario hotkey and task tray icons

  • Connect to the USB Panic Button

USB Panic Button Features

  • Features a new design, recessed button, and LED light indicators for when the button is ready to be used. New!

  • Triggers alerts when the user’s screen is locked, without requiring the user to login New!

  • Discreet, under-the-counter button; single or multiple buttons

  • Connects to PC running the Alertus Desktop Activator

  • Alerts are customizable depending on your needs and can be configured using custom event triggers

  • Button color options: Choice of blue, red, or standard white

With the Alertus System, we were able to communicate any emergency situation to a much broader group of people, including supervisors and executive staff.
— Carl Beardsley,Executive Director, Wilkes-Barre Scranton International Airport

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