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Digital Signage Override

Many organizations employ digital signage and cable TV systems to transmit communications in public and high-occupancy areas. Alertus’ digital signage override software transforms these devices into intelligent emergency alerting appliances, and when activated, emergency alerts scroll across digital signage and can be easily read from a distance. Most LCD screens, LED marquees, cable television systems, and digital display media systems are supported. Additionally, the application supports playback of alert tones and voice messages on systems with audio output capabilities. Digital signage override software also integrates seamlessly with wall-mounted Alert Beacons® to ensure a unified emergency response.

Key Features

  • Immediate: Digital signage override is rapidly deployable and can be launched via the Alertus Activation Console software from any computer or mobile device

  • Reliable: Not dependent on external internet connections

  • Zoneable: Alerts can be targeted to individual screens or groups of screens organized by category or geography

  • Customizable: Overrides existing display with customized, full-screen alert message that scrolls to allow for easy viewing from a distance

  • Personalization: Alert can be personalized to display your organization’s logo  (only available if using a PC-based configuration)

  • Integrated: Software designed to interface with external devices, including the wall-mounted Alert Beacon®, most LCD screens, LED marquees, cable television systems, and digital media displays

  • Visual Notification: Provides notification to deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals

  • Cost-Effective: No recurring service fees

The digital signage is easy to read so that no matter what, even with disabled students, every individual is going to be notified.
— Steve Corich, Director of Public Safety, Mesa Community College

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