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Two-Way Radio Integration

Two-way radios provide instantaneous, mobile text-to-speech communication to users. With the Alertus Mass Notification System, your organization can leverage this instant communication modality to facilitate emergency notifications. The Alertus Two-Way Radio Integration allows you to streamline emergency notification and eliminate any extra steps, by including two-way radios as an endpoint within the Alertus System. Two-Way Radio Integration allows you to receive true single-point activation of all your notification assets while reducing costs by leveraging your existing technologies.

The Alertus System overrides the designated channel and uses text-to-speech technology to provide clear, spoken voice emergency alerts to the appropriate personnel. Two-way radio integration also supports the playback of alert tones, immediately preceding the rendered speech alert to capture the recipient’s attention.

Key Features

  • Text-to-Speech: Extend Alertus Text-to-Speech capabilities to two-way radio handsets and land mobile radio endpoints

  • Efficient: Streamline emergency radio dispatch to provide a more comprehensive alert system and keep users informed of emergency communications

  • Cost-Effective: Leverage your existing organizational communication assets

  • Zoneable: Distribute audible notification over a specified frequency and channel or your system’s All Call channel to alert all two-way radios

  • Integrated: Integrate with both digital and analog systems

  • Multi-Frequency: Transmit over UHF, VHF, and other frequency types


  • Supported Brands: Motorola, Kenwood, Harris, and more

  • Requires an Alert Beacon® with network connectivity to the Alertus Server to be installed in close proximity to the base station integration point


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