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Corporate Profile

We Are the Leader in Emergency Mass Notification Systems

What We Do

For more than a decade, Alertus Technologies has engineered innovative emergency alert systems for colleges and universities, K-12 schools, corporations, medical centers, military bases, and government organizations. Alertus System has been implemented worldwide by more than 1,000 organizations in multiple industries for a number of emergency situations. These may include armed shooter incidents, bomb threats, weather related events, terrorist threats, chemical spills, or any number of emergency conditions. 

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Why We Do It

We are committed to providing customizable, scalable, and affordable mass notification solutions because we know even a few seconds of warning can help save lives during an emergency. Jason Volk, founder and CEO of Alertus, was a student at the University of Maryland in 2001 when an F3 tornado ripped through the campus. There was no warning and two students—sisters—were killed. The tornado caused dozens of injuries and millions in damages. 

To help prevent another tragedy like this, Volk dedicated the rest of his academic, and then professional, career to creating a mass notification solution that can be implemented anywhere and activated quickly and effectively. Alertus was founded in 2002 and has focused its efforts on developing life-saving notification solutions ever since.


How We Do It

Alertus first developed the Alert Beacon®, a wall-mounted device that can be installed almost anywhere and provide notification coverage where other systems may be impractical or cost-prohibitive. Now the Alertus emergency notification system is a comprehensive solution that is interoperable with nearly any pre-existing system, making it one of the most flexible and customizable solutions in the market.

The Alertus solution includes an array of emergency notification products including the Alert Beacon, computer desktop alerting, USB panic button, text-to-speech interface for public address and giant outdoor speaker systems, fire alarm interface, VoIP phone alerting, mobile phone apps, and more. Get a full list of our products here: Product Overview.

Our system is compliant with many mass notification codes and mandates, including the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA), National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code (NFPA 72), and Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC). We also support FEMA’s Common Alerting Protocol (CAP), and our system is interoperable with the organization’s Integrated Public Alert Warning System (IPAWS). Get details on code compliance here.


Who We Serve

Some of our customers include Virginia Commonwealth University, Johns Hopkins Medical, and the U.S. House of Representatives. 



Campus Safety BEST Winner Alertus

2016 Campus Safety BEST Award

Recognizes outstanding security, law enforcement, emergency management and safety solutions for K-12 campuses, institutions of higher education, and healthcare organizations

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smart CEO

2016 Future 50 Award

Recognized as one of 50 of the region’s fastest growing, mid-sized companies

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University Business

University Business Readers' Choice Top Products for 2016

Nominated by higher education leaders, and recognized for making a positive difference on college campuses

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Our History at a Glance


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