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Flexible Solutions that can Accommodate Large and Loud Environments

Industrial facilities face a unique set of emergency notification challenges. Many industrial organizations operate in large, open areas, which coupled with high noise, make notification via cell phone or overhead announcement ineffective or in some situations even impossible.

The Alertus system provides a solution that is flexible and can accommodate both a large footprint and loud environment. We offer an array of emergency notification products to help you reach everyone in the event of an emergency using both visible and audible alerting to notify personnel of an active shooter, severe weather warning, or industrial accident.

Clear and Intelligible Outdoor Notification

For large, open areas, Giant Voice systems are still the most efficient way to deliver emergency notifications. However, using unrehearsed, live voice announcements can be challenging and stressful in a crisis. Manufacturing plants, industrial parks, and other multi-facility campuses are best served by giant voice notification using text-to-speech (TTS) technology.

Alertus offers breakthrough TTS technology embedded in a high power speaker array (HPSA) to overcome limitations created by using live voice announcements such as enunciation, clarity, and intelligibility. Alertus can override existing outdoor HPSA or design a new system to cover outdoor areas with siren tones and clear voice messages.

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Cover More of the Facility Footprint

Alert Beacons® are designed to be scalable across an industrial facility’s footprint. These devices are ADA compliant and provide both an audible and visual alert, ideal for a large area or loud environment.

The strobes and sounder on the Alert Beacon provide greater coverage reach than speakers for signaling attention, and the integrated text LCD offers message intelligibility that is significantly higher than voice, due to the elimination of acoustical disturbances.

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Our Customers Include:

We will use the new system to notify our employees of severe weather warnings, hazardous materials releases, industrial accidents, active shooter situations, and other emergencies that affect the installation as a whole.
— Ken Griechen, Emergency Manager, Lake City Army Ammunition Plant

Instantly Notify in Loud and Noisy Areas

Alertus LED Marquees and digital signage override are well suited to large, high-traffic areas where visible notification is needed due to noise.

LED Marquees offer a cost effective way to reach large areas, indoors or outdoors, with emergency notifications or regular announcements. LED Marquees are typically placed overhead to complement Alert Beacons.

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Immediate System Activation

There is no time to waste when an emergency strikes. Immediate activation is vital to get employees to safety whether it be anything from a chemical spill to to workplace violence. Panic Buttons can be connected via a USB to any computer or connected to an Alert Beacon. These devices allow employees to relay a distress signal to district security or public safety offices.

Multiple panic button options are available to quickly and easily activate alerts for various emergency scenarios.

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