Protect What Matters Most

If you’re looking for unified mass notification solutions that are going to transform your school’s crisis prevention, response, and recovery, then you’ve made it to the right place. The Alertus System is the perfect solution for:

  • Audible & Visual Notification: Notify students, faculty, and staff across your campus with a variety of both audible and visual notification modalities. Seamlessly integrate and leverage your existing computers, digital signage, PA systems, mobile phones, and more to reach everyone, comply with codes and mandates, and overcome notification challenges.

  • Improving Notification Reach: Alertus outdoor notification solutions, aimed at providing real-time information via siren tones and spoken-voice message, help to reach students, faculty, and staff in fields, courtyards, and other outdoor areas. Coupled with Alertus customizable targeting, and social media broadcasting capabilities, schools can expand their reach beyond their doors to parents and the general public when needed.

  • System Unification & One-Touch Activation: The Alertus System allows schools to combine their various notification systems with seamless integrations. This unification gives schools the ability to both manage and activate their entire notification investment from a single, intuitive console, equipped with one-touch activation capability.

The Alertus Emergency Notification System

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