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Thank you for your most recent purchase of the Alertus product suite. For nearly two decades, Alertus Technologies has engineered innovative emergency alert systems for colleges and universities, K-12 schools, corporations, medical centers, military bases, and government organizations worldwide.

This investment exemplifies your dedication to the safety of all facility occupants and we are equally devoted to providing your organization customizable, scalable, and affordable solutions, to help you achieve your notification goals. Likewise, Alertus personnel are committed to aiding your team in installing, configuring, and deploying this system throughout your facility as quickly and painlessly as possible so you may achieve the peace of mind only the Alertus System can provide.

As you get started, we invite you to leverage the documentation and information available below to successfully roll out and communicate your Alertus System to your organization\l.

Again, thank you for choosing Alertus Technologies.


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11720 Beltsville Drive, 9th Floor, Beltsville, MD 20705


Direct: 1-202-253-7887

Toll Free: 1-866-425-3788

WhatsApp: 1-202-734-5582

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Explaining Alertus to Staff/Students

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Alertus recommends testing your unified mass notification system regularly. Use this image to communicate that system testing is taking place either via email or even as an image in the testing alert.


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About Alertus Handout

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