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alertus webinar series: on-demand webinar

Our collection of educational webinars highlights the latest in unified facility notification products, best practices, and emergency preparedness.

alertus system overview, featuring the alertus app suite

Alertus offers two mobile phone apps for enhanced personal notification between authorized dispatchers and end users: the Alertus Activator App and the Alertus Recipient App. In this webinar you will learn about:

  • The Alertus Activator App - Allows authorized users to activate the Alertus System to send emergency notification alerts to faculty, staff, students, or personnel via Android or IOS tablets or smartphones.
  • The Alertus Recipient App - Allows end users to not only receive push notifications but to quickly send geo-tagged incident reports to emergency management personnel via the panic button feature.

Download this presentation for an overview of the Alertus system and a demo of the mobile apps. 


 Carlton Taylor

Carlton Taylor, Senior App Developer


 Saif Ibrahim

Saif Ibrahim, Sales Engineer