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alertus technologies webinar series

Our series of educational webinars highlights the latest in unified facility notification products, best practices, and emergency preparedness.

which panic button is right for

your emergency?

More and more organizations are installing panic buttons in order to improve efficiency when activating their emergency mass notification system. With so many panic button options available, it can be difficult to identify which solution, or combination of solutions, is right for an organization.

During this live webinar, you will learn:

  • Best Practices for selecting and implementing the four most popular panic button options: Wall mounted, under the desk, desktop, and mobile.
  • An overview of the Alertus Emergency Mass Notification System and how it integrates with Alertus panic buttons.

Register for this complimentary webinar today to learn more about how an Alertus panic button can work for your organization. 




 Miles Harriger

Miles Harriger, Director, Higher Education Sales