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alertus personal notification featuring the alertus mobile app


Alertus Technologies provides innovative personal notification solutions and integrates with a number of partners that specialize in distributed recipient mass notification systems (DRMNS) to provide a comprehensive emergency mass notification solution. A DRMNS is designed to communicate to a wide range of targeted individuals or groups. These systems often use mass dialing systems, email, or SMS. 

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The Alertus Recipient App

The Alertus Recipient App allows users to receive push notifications from the Alertus Server to their Android or iOS tablets or smartphones. The Recipient App also gives users the ability to send geo-tagged incident reports directly to the Alertus Server. 

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Panic button reports situations to campus safety.

Users can send their geo-coordinates or set their geo-location to the site of the incident.

Enhanced User profiles provides description user launching report.

Custom branding of home screen, including emergency contact information.

The alertus Activator app

The Alertus Activator App allows users to quickly send emergency notification alerts to faculty, staff, students, or personnel via Android or iOS tablets or smart phones. Launching an alert via the mobile app can also activate notification alerts through other, integrated products.

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enhance and integrate recipient notification

Personal recipient notification is one of several effective ways to reach individuals during an emergency; however, limitations may include personnel directories that are not up to date, lack of cell phone service during an emergency, and limited access to a phone or email. Alertus provides a number of solutions that can enhance your personal recipient notification and fill in potential gaps in your emergency communication plan to ensure that everyone is reached in the event of an emergency.

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We were in a staff meeting and there was a drill. One of the individuals was able to activate the whole system right from his phone.
— Brian Muchmore, Director of U of S Protective Services, University of Saskatchewan