The Alertus System


Alertus Technologies leads the industry in emergency mass notification. We provide a variety of innovative solutions that focus on unified mass notification, in-building notification, outdoor notification, and mobile notification. Alertus is unique in that we partner with a wide variety of mass notification systems to allow for easy integration with existing infrastructure to fill in the gaps and enhance your emergency communications efforts.


Unified Mass Notification

Alertus offers a unified mass notification system that is designed to alert all or select individuals throughout your institution or enterprise by leveraging all existing available infrastructure and IT assets, along with innovative appliances to serve gaps in coverage. Alertus offers facility-wide notification, from in-building, outdoor, and personal notification.


In-Building Notification

Alertus provides a comprehensive in-building mass notification system that notifies individuals across one or more facilities using a variety of methods and notification modalities.

Outdoor Notification

Alertus offers the leading clear-voice, outdoor notification solution by utilizing specially optimized text-to-speech technology. 

Personal Notification

Alertus provides innovative personal notification solutions and integrates with a number of partners that specialize in distributed recipient mass notification systems to deliver a comprehensive emergency mass notification solution.