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Alertus Leads the Industry in Unified Facility Notification

The Alertus Story

Since 2002, Alertus has dedicated itself to creating emergency mass notification solutions that can be implemented anywhere and activated quickly and effectively. This commitment has led Alertus to be the industry leader in emergency mass notification technologies for the last decade. 

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Alertus Advantages

For more than 15 years Alertus has been an industry pioneer, engineering advanced technologies in unified mass notification and emergency communications.

Experience: For more than 15 years Alertus has been an industry pioneer, engineering advanced technologies in unified mass notification and emergency communications.

Expertise: Our expertise in both software and hardware alerting systems enables us to engineer solutions that are interoperable with legacy systems and hundreds of third-party systems and services.


Capability: We serve thousands of global customers in the higher education, K-12, industrial, corporate, healthcare, government, and military sectors.

Performance: Our system offers the fastest and most reliable notification activation in the industry.

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Dependability: Our system has been activated in numerous crises and is proven to save lives, protect property, and ensure continuity.

Trusted: Alertus is the trusted solution for critical infrastructure across the country, serving the U.S. Capitol, rail, ports, airports, power plants, military bases and more.


Affordable: We believe reliable notification should be available to everyone, which is why we offer our solution at a fraction of the cost of conventional notification systems available on the market today.

Accessible: The Alertus system is compliant with many mass notification codes and mandates including the ADA, Clery Act, NFPA 72, and UFC.

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The Alertus Emergency Notification System is Ready
for any Situation 

Organizations use the Alertus system for a number of emergency situations. These may include active shooter incidents, bomb threats, weather-related events, terrorist threats, chemical spills, or any number of emergency conditions.


Active Shooter/Bomb Threats
The ongoing threat of active shooters on college and corporate campuses, K-12 schools, and military bases brings safety and security to the forefront of everyone’s minds.

  • Florida State University activated the Alertus system to issue a campus-wide lockdown during an active shooter incident.

  • Amtrak activated the Alertus system during an active shooter threat that took place at Union Station in Washington, D.C.

  • Missouri Western State University activated its system during a bomb threat. A campus-wide evacuation was made quickly and without incident, largely thanks to the clear and immediate notification the university sent out through the Alertus system.


Severe Weather
Weather-related threats also account for many emergency notifications. Emergency communications relating to weather can range from tornado or hurricane warnings to impending snowstorms.

  • Cambridge Health Alliance and Hennepin County Medical Center have both used the Alertus system for making weather-related emergency announcements during the harsh winters.

  • Washington University in St. Louis uses the ThreatWatcher NOAA weather feed integration to warn students and faculty of incoming tornadoes.

  • California State University San Marcos also conducted a campus-wide evacuation in 2014 during the constant wildfire threat in Southern California, which broached the borders of the university’s campus.


Chemical/Industrial Emergency
Unlike campus or corporate environments, industrial organizations operate in large, open areas. These factors, coupled with high noise, make notification via cell phone or overhead announcement somewhat ineffective.

  • The City of La Porte, which has the largest concentration of chemical plants in the world uses the Alertus system, including Alert Beacons, to notify schools and other public buildings in the event of a threat, such as one involving hazardous waste.



Case Study: Wilkes - Barre Scranton International Airport

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Carl Beardsley, Executive Director of the Wilkes-Barre Scranton International Airport, talks about Alertus solutions and the difference they make in the airport's emergency preparedness plans.