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LED Marquee

Alertus LED Marquees offer a cost effective way to reach large public areas, indoors or outdoors, with emergency notifications or simply announcements.  LED Marquees are typically placed overhead to complement Alert Beacons.  Additionally, the overhead LED displays along with Alert Beacons serve deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals, and ensure your facilities are ADA compliant.

Alertus LED Marquees are configured and activated through the easy to use Alertus Activation Software (browser-based), or right from within most major distributed recipient mass notification software.


  • Multiple display modes, remotely selectable
  • Customizable color to distinguish emergency alerts from annoucements
  • Current time displayed when no alert or annoucement is active, thus doubling as a synchronized clock
  • Word wrapping and time/date formatting
  • Auto-brightness sensor
  • Remote monitoring - if a sign is unresponsive for any reason, an email is automatically sent to appropriate staff, thus eliminating the need for constant testing
  • Specially designed power supply - uses the same power source as an Alert Beacon
  • High energy efficiency

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