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 Even a few seconds of warning can help save lives

Since 2002, Alertus has pioneered the emergency mass notification space, helping organizations find innovative solutions to disaster risk reduction. We believe all organizations, regardless of budget or resources, should have access to mass notification and communication solutions to help save lives and protect assets.

As Alertus has grown, so has the desire to reach local and international communities that are insufficiently prepared for an emergency or disaster event. The Alertus Global Philanthropy Initiative was created with a specific focus on reaching and supporting the most at-risk communities.

The Alertus Global Philanthropy Commitment


We’re committed to providing emergency preparedness solutions that are accessible and affordable for nonprofits everywhere. Donations and discounted solutions are available for Alertus’ Desktop Notification, Activator Mobile App and more.


By aligning ourselves with the Sendai Framework, Alertus’ Global Philanthropy seeks to collaborate with UNISDR, USAID, and other global partners to effectively support the need for emergency preparedness systems.


We work alongside nonprofits to deliver technical services that will leverage existing building systems and technology to enhance their disaster resilience.

How We Help


Natural Disasters

Lives can be saved in the wake of floods, earthquakes and tropical storms as Alertus customers can broadcast emergency alerts to thousands of people in SECONDS.


Education Facilities in Vulnerable Areas

Silent alarms and emergency notifications are customized to immediately alert emergency responders and authorities.


Emergency Responders

Our technology connects emergency responders via mobile app for personnel accountability.


Conflict Areas

Our solutions increase awareness of emergencies and subsequently reduce casualty rates.

Grant Partners

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If you are interested in learning more information about our Alertus Global Philanthropy Initiative, email Ryan McGonigle at