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 Even a few seconds of warning can help save lives during an emergency.

Since 2002, Alertus has pioneered the emergency mass notification space, helping organizations find innovative solutions to disaster risk reduction. We believe all organizations, regardless of budget or resources, should have access to mass notification and communication solutions to help save lives and protect assets.

We launched the Alertus Desktop Donation Initiative to support education and non-profit organizations, with over 700 institutions served to day. However, we felt that wasn’t enough to truly fulfill our mission. That’s why we founded the Alertus Global Philanthropy Initiative.


Disaster Risk Reduction

By aligning itself with the Sendai Framework, Alertus’ Global Philanthropy seeks to collaborate with UNISDR, USAID, and other global partners to most effectively support this need for emergency preparedness systems.


Awareness & Resources

Through raising awareness, sharing technical expertise, and providing customizable software, Alertus seeks to continue its efforts to create disaster resilient societies across the world.

To learn more about Alertus Philanthropy efforts please email
Ryan McGonigle at