An emergency alert can be activated through a variety of sources using the Alertus System.

  • Alertus Console: Web browser GUI that allows users to send/cancel alerts, configure the Alertus System, and view reports.

  • Alertus Dispatcher: Mobile App (Android, iPhone) that can view, launch, and cancel preset alerts.

  • Panic Button: Physical panic button attached to an Alert Beacon that can trigger preset alerts. Can be used as duress button or to expedite the launching of alerts during an emergency. Software-based panic button can trigger preset alerts from any computer running Alertus Desktop Notification.


The Alertus System is also compatible with a number of inbound integrators.

  • Alertus API: SOAP and REST APIs that enable third-party systems to communicate with the Alertus system (the preferred inbound integration method for single-point activation).

  • Inbound CAP: Allows the processing of Common Alert Protocol (CAP) 1.1 and 1.2 alerts. Provides a standard, compliant way to exchange public warning and emergency data between commercial and government third-party alerting systems.

  • IPAWS: Integrates with FEMA’s Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS). Launches alerts/notifications when CAP alerts are posted to one or more Collaborative Operating Groups (COGs). Allows sharing alert data across affiliated organizations and state/municipal alerting authorities.

  • Fire Panel Control: Mixed hardware and software solution that monitors local fire panels and launches alerts/notifications when qualifying events are reported.

  • TheatWatcher: Monitors FEMA’s Emergency Alert System (EAS) feed, the National Weather Service’s alert feed for selected counties or forecast zones, and any RSS or ATOM syndication feeds, and launches alerts/notifications when alerts are issued.

Alertus Activation Diagram

Support Documentation

You can access the My Alertus Customer Portal at

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