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Leverage Existing Infrastructure to Reach Everyone, Everywhere - Immediately

When an emergency strikes, it is critical that no matter where they are in your organization, everyone receives potentially life-saving notifications quickly and clearly.

The Alertus Emergency Mass Notification System is a powerful and flexible solution that seamlessly integrates with and sends potentially life-saving alerts across your organization’s existing infrastructure and technology, including desktop computers, PA systems, VoIP phones, digital signage, mobile devices, fire panels, and more.


The Alertus Emergency Mass Notification System


For organizations without existing public address systems, the Alertus System provides a cost-effective yet highly efficient solution that leverages commonly found technologies to create a wide-reaching notification system. The Alertus System can turn VoIP phones, desktop and laptop computers, digital signage, and mobile phones into effective alerting modalities.

> Alertus In-Building Notification


The Alertus System leverages the power of the IoT by integrating multiple systems and technologies into a single solution. This enables the Alertus System to send cohesive, consistent notifications across all or select alerting endpoints, all within seconds.

The Alertus System constantly monitors and reads multiple signaling inputs, including alarm codes from fire panels. When an alert is triggered the system can automatically apply smart logic technologies to broadcast situation-specific alerts over multiple communication paths. This ensures the right message gets to recipients instantly, regardless of where they are.

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Featured products

Alert Beacon

The Alert Beacon® attracts attention with sounder and flashing strobes, while a large text display informs building occupants of the emergency and instructs them how to respond.

Desktop Notification

Alertus Desktop™ Notification is an enterprise software solution for overriding computer displays across your network with critical alert messages.

Mobile App Suite

The Alertus Mobile App Suite allows authorized dispatchers to quickly send emergency notifications, and users can receive push notifications via Android or iOS tablets or smartphones.

Panic Button

By leveraging existing infrastructure and communication paths, Alertus panic buttons provide immediate, easy, one-step emergency notice activation.

Case Study: toronto pan am sports centre

The Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre (TPASC) provides world-class athletic experiences for athletes in training and fitness enthusiasts of all ages. The state-of-the-art facility includes two internationally sanctioned 10-lane 50-meter pools, a world-class dive pool and dryland dive training facilities, a four-court gymnasium, an indoor running track, climbing wall, a high-performance athlete testing center, studio spaces, and a fitness center.

To better provide emergency communication to the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre members training across the 300,000-square-foot facility, management recognized the need to expand the emergency notification system by integrating it with the Alertus System.

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