Alertus / Alertus System Features & Capabilities

Alertus System Features & Capabilities

monitor incidents and activate alerts from a single, powerful platForm

The Alertus Mass Notification System (Alertus System) is built on the power of the Alertus Server, and is managed through our intuitive user interface. The Alertus System is designed from the ground up to be fully flexible in its configuration of recipient groups, preset messages, user controls, restrictions, and many other points of customization. It can be built to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Whether you’re looking to facilitate incident reporting for your staff, or full-system activation for your emergency dispatchers, Alertus has the tools to deliver immediate alerts when and where you need it most.

With multiple instant activation options from Alertus, your alerts are just one-touch away.

One-Touch Activation

No matter the number of devices or systems in your notification portfolio, being able to instantly notify all, or select individuals is crucial to effective emergency notification. Alertus’ one-touch activation provides just that. With numerous activation methods, including panic buttons, desktop activator, VoIP phones and more, you can customize your organization’s system activation to fit your specific needs. Whichever you choose, your alerts are just one-touch away.

Targeted Alerting

Ensuring the right people get the right message is critical during an emergency. Alertus offers many ways to segment message audiences, including:

  • Geo-targeted alerts on the fly with interactive map interface

  • Pre-configured alerting groups in alignment with your communication plans

  • User-based alerting with active directory or LDAP integration

  • Subscribed lists for mobile app

  • Grouping by buildings or functional areas



pre-set Alerts

Easily build pre-set alerts, alerting groups, and devices to simplify the alerting process. Access to preset alerts can be based on User Roles, and alerts can be tailored to an endless variety of notification scenarios, including:

  • Active shooter

  • Tornado/severe weather

  • Infant abduction

  • Routine announcements

Being able to setup pre-scripted alerts to fire off with one button press or one click during a crisis can really help save lives during an emergency.
— Chris Jones, Associate Vice President of Technology and Operations, Gordon College

Comprehensive Reporting

The notification and monitoring component of the Alertus Server substantially increases the manageability, reliability, and visibility of the system while decreasing system testing and maintenance time.

  • Daily digest emails of system health

  • Alert histories

  • Recipient acknowledgements

  • Device activation, acknowledgment and health status

  • Group, location membership reports

  • Event dashboards


Automated Alerting

Alertus' open API allows for easy and seamless integration with a variety of legacy mass notification technologies. This allows Alertus to unify disparate systems under one, powerful yet easy-to-use system with an intuitive user interface that offers both pre-set and on-the-fly activations that can be deployed with a single click of a button.

Automated: Active Directory integration - keep Alertus Desktop clients updated automatically and automatically monitor inbound alert feeds: CAP/IPAWS RSS/NOA/Accuweather/social media

Immediate: Physical activation buttons or software options with the Alertus Desktop Activator, and via the Alertus Activator App.

Safe, secure, Supervised

The Alertus Server is offered as an on-site solution (cloud hosting available) which offers increased reliability and security since it is dedicated exclusively to your organization and does not depend on external Internet connectivity. Additionally, data is retained on site, and leveraging existing infrastructure can often reduce costs. Notification points check in with the server periodically to determine whether an alert has been initiated and devices are active or disabled.