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alertus corporate solutions


Effectively Communicate to Your Staff

Corporate organizations are constantly searching for effective ways to notify personnel in both emergency and non-emergency situations. When an emergency does take place, corporations must quickly alert all staff across multiple floors or buildings. 

Alertus Technologies provides an innovative emergency notification system that is designed to integrate with your existing infrastructure and provide an "easy button" command and control of all integrated notification assets such as digital signage, IP phones, voice public address systems, and fire alarms.

Immediately Notify Personnel on Computers

Alertus Desktop Notification notifies all or select personnel in the event of an emergency using a full-screen, desktop pop-up. Our enhanced desktop notification solution also allows organizations to send non-emergency notifications using partial screen or ticker alerts that provide less intrusive but equally effective methods for communicating company-wide messages. 

This solution is particularly useful for organizations with limited access to or restricted cellphone use policies, such as call centers or government contractors.

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Activate Notifications on Office Phones and Speakers

Alertus Technologies’ VoIP & IP phone notification solution transforms office phones into a unified emergency communication system. This innovative technology simultaneously activates audible/visual notifications on all or select supported VoIP or SIP phones and speakers. 

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Panic Buttons can be connected via a USB to any computer or connected to an Alert Beacon. These devices allow school personnel to relay a distress signal to district security or public safety offices.

Multiple panic button options are available for quickly and easily activating alerts for various emergency scenarios.

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Send and receive Alerts on Mobile Devices

The Alertus Activator App allows authorized dispatchers to send emergency notification alerts quickly to personnel via Android or iOS tablets or smart phones.

The Alertus Recipient App is designed for end users, who can download the app and receive alerts via a mobile or tablet device.

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