Alertus / One Step System Activation

One Step System Activation

send preset notifications instantly across all or select alerting endpoints

A key benefit to having a unified mass notification system is the ability to have a single point of activation. When an emergency situation arises you can lose valuable time if you have to deploy multiple, disparate notification systems. Alertus can simplify and expedite your alerting process with pre-set alerts and profiles to target the right people with the right message, all instantly activated with just one step.

With Alertus, you can customize your organization’s system activation to fit your specific needs, whether it’s scenario-specific activation buttons, discreet software panic buttons, or the Alertus Dispatcher Mobile App to take the whole system with you. Whichever you choose, your alerts are just one touch away.


Immediate, easy, one-step emergency notice activation

emergency buttons

These wall-mounted emergency activation buttons can be customized to specific emergency scenarios for easy and immediate system activation or to deploy a general emergency alert.

One push of the button and all of our emergency alert devices activated ... in an active shooter situation, you’re talking about the difference between people getting notified in a matter of 20 seconds or less versus 4 minutes when, according to statistics, most active shooter incidents are over in 12 minutes.
— Robert Williams, Emergency Manager, California State University San Marcos

Alertus Desktop activator

Flexible, immediate system activation with Alertus Desktop Activator. This software-based solution sits in your system task tray and is fully integrated with the Alertus suite of mass notification products.

The Alertus USB Panic Button is a hardware extension of the Desktop Activator for discreet, one-touch system activation.

The Alertus Desktop Activator and USB Panic Button can also be configured for incident reporting. Learn more.

Flexible, immediate system activation with Alertus Desktop Activator.

Alertus Activator App allows authorized dispatchers to quickly send emergency notifications

Alertus Activator App

The Alertus Activator App allows authorized dispatchers to quickly send alerts to faculty, staff, students, or personnel via Android or iOS tablets or smartphones.

Fire Alarm Control Panel Interface

The Alertus FACP Interface connects your entire mass notification system and provides a comprehensive method for monitoring your fire panel system to both activate and distribute emergency alerts.

Learn more about the Alertus FACP Interface



Cisco VoIP Phones

Activate and cancel alerts directly from the Alertus Server using a secure connection into Cisco API's, resulting in fast and efficient message delivery.