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Alertus Industries


For more than a decade, Alertus Technologies has engineered innovative emergency alert systems for colleges and universities, K–12 schools, industrial facilities, corporations, medical centers, government organizations, military bases, and airports.


Alertus offers an assortment of products and campus-wide notification solutions that are suitable for colleges and universities.

K-12 Schools

Alertus helps simplify the complexities of emergency communications to immediately inform administrators, staff, students, and visitors of emergency situations.


Alertus provides a solution that is flexible and can accommodate large area industrial facilities with loud environments.


Every organization has unique challenges. Alertus offers a number of solutions that allow corporations to quickly and easily alert staff and personnel in the event of an emergency.


Alertus provides some of the most technologically advanced emergency notification solutions to the U.S. Department of Defense, which enables rapid response to threats and hazards.


Alertus offers a variety of solutions that allow healthcare institutions to ensure the safety of visitors and patients and alert medical staff internally when an emergency occurs.


Airports can now reliably and consistently reach a large population across an expansive footprint using technologies and infrastructure airports already have with the Alertus System.


Government entities require a secure emergency notification system that they can control. Alertus provides a solution that allows authorized users to easily alert all or select individuals across multiple facilities.