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Truly effective mass emergency notification should effectively reach your users through multiple channels. Alertus Desktop™ Notification grabs the attention of your computer users immediately with a full screen (or optional partial screen) pop-up alert. When an emergency occurs and you activate a warning, a full-screen alert will appear on all or select PCs and Macs across your facilities. Alertus Desktop™ Notification can be activated through the Alertus Activation Software or your existing third-party personal recipient notification software.

Did you know that certain organizations can qualify for the Alertus Desktop™ Notification Donation Initiative? Click here to learn more and how you can qualify.

Alertus’ optional enhanced desktop notification solution also allows organizations to send non-emergency notifications using partial screen or ticker alerts that provide less intrusive but equally effective methods for communicating company-wide messages.

Alertus Chromebook Notification - the first notification solution of its kind for Google Chromebooks, is built specifically for use by Chrome devices. Click to learn more.



Map Interface

The desktop notification displays the locations of all alert nodes with geographic location data on interactive aerial map, whereby alerts can be initiated to recipients in a circular or polygonal geographic area.


The desktop notification retrieves and processes alert data from multiple external sources including NOAA weather alerts, general CAP and EDXL-DE alerts.


Desktop Notification Key Features

  • Wake-on-LAN (Beta) Capability: Override sleeping computers, waking them to display a notification when an alert is sent. Available for Alertus Desktop Windows client only

  • Lock Screen Alerts: Display alerts on computers when user’s screen is locked

  • Login Screen Override: Display alerts and use usb-connected emergency buttons without a user logged in (Windows)

  • Flexible Display Modes: In addition to full-screen notification, quarter/partial screen and scrolling ticker notifications supported

  • Non-Invasive: Runs in background with minimal network (~1KB per request)

  • Audio & Image Options: Automatically enunciate the alert message with text-to-speech or initiate sound files when a notification is received. Images can be easily embedded in the pop-up alert, or select from the provided library of useful emergency and informational icon images

  • User Restrictions: Advanced permissions to partition and restrict user access to groups, nodes, alert settings, and preset alerts. Multiple permission levels can be designated according to organizational role

  • Outbound Distributed Recipient/Outcall: Utilize the Alertus Console as your one-step activation of third-party personal recipient notification services

  • International Language Support: Bilingual and non-English messages

We ended up selecting Alertus Desktop™ Notification because it’s the best way to reach all of our employees in a rapid manner and then have a logged response when people acknowledged the alert.
— Jason Sufka, Security Operations Supervisor, Hennepin County Medical Center


Product Resources


Learn how you can instantly override computer displays across your network with critical alert messages.

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Alertus Desktop Notification is a flexible and versatile component to the Alertus Mass Notification System. Pop-up screens, partial screens, full screens, or ticker alerts instantly attract the attention of computer users across your facilities. 

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Discover our Alertus Desktop Donation initiative.

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