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Alertus Customer Case Studies

Our goal at Alertus Technologies is to help colleges and universities, K–12 schools, corporations, government organizations,
and other institutions solve their unified mass notification challenges.

Learn how global organizations have found solutions to their unique problems using the Alertus Mass Notification System.

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California State University San Marcos

Strapped with an antiquated emergency notification system, California State University San Marcos needed a system that could expand functionality and easily integrate with its existing process for sending out text, email, and phone alerts.

Clark State Community College

Learn how Alertus became Clark State's "one-stop shop" strategy for controlling and distributing all emergency communications, including their legacy email and text messaging system, across multiple campuses by leveraging their existing network-connected devices and installing Alert Beacons to provide audible and visual alerting. 

Florida State University

When a gunman opened fire at Florida State University (FSU) in November 2014, FSU’s police department was able to warn the entire campus within minutes, thanks to its mass emergency notification system.

Gallaudet University

When Gallaudet University – the world’s first and only higher education institution for the deaf and hard of hearing – sought out a system capable of meeting their unique challenges for emergency notification, the Alertus solution was a perfect fit.

Gateway Technical College

Spread across three counties, Gateway Technical College was looking for a mass notification system that could not only connect its three major campuses and three satellite centers, but also integrate into buildings dating back to the 1950s.

Gordon College

Can deploying multiple emergency alert systems be a hindrance when an emergency situation occurs? Gordon College thought so and deployed the Alertus System to bring theirs together to create one unified system.

Methodist University

When the the administration at Methodist University recognized the major flaws in their school's emergency notification system, they knew a complete makeover was needed and deployed the Alertus Emergency Notification System.

Mesa Community College

With so many potential threats looming over Mesa Community College daily, public safety officials at the college sought an emergency notification solution capable of quickly relaying clear directions to students and faculty during emergencies.

Missouri Western State University

Mindful of the increase in school shootings and other incidents, Missouri Western State University was looking to enhance its emergency notification system.

North Carolina State University

With an emergency notification system that was reliant on delivering alerts through cell phones, North Carolina State University needed a communication solution for areas on campus that had poor cell phone reception.

Randolph-Macon College

Steeped in history that pre-dates the Civil War, Randolph-Macon College is a small, private school in Ashland, VA that offers its students both personal freedom and individual academic attention. The campus safety team have always worked to keep the close-knit campus safe, but several factors made them recognize the need for a notification system to alert students to any hazard or emergency. 

Rochester Institute of Technology

After the Virginia Tech tragedy, The Rochester Institute of Technology began its search for an emergency notification system that could provide more comprehensive notification coverage and protection.

University of Saskatchewan

Following the tragedy at Virginia Tech, the University of Saskatchewan felt that it was not adequately prepared for a similar emergency situation. Along with implementing the Alertus system, the university launched a series of emergency scenario drills to prepare and educate its emergency response team and campus population.

Virginia Commonwealth University

Virginia Commonwealth University recognized this need for a system capable of sending a message to an entire campus and saw the next step in emergency notification technology in Alertus.

Washington University St. Louis

Washington University in St. Louis was looking for a comprehensive, unified emergency mass notification system that it could use to alert its campus community both quickly and easily.

Winthrop University

When Winthrop discovered Alertus, they knew they had finally found a system capable of delivering an emergency message with the power, simplicity, and speed they desired.

K-12 Schools


Allegany County Public Schools

Spread out across 500 square miles, Allegany County Public Schools needed a system capable of sending instantaneous and reliable emergency alerts to faculty and students in their buildings.

Alvarado Independent School District

Reliant on the National Weather Service for up-to-date information on threatening weather situations, the Alvarado Independent School District sought a quick, easy-to-use unified mass notification solution that would integrate with systems like WeatherBug to quickly notify faculty and students of tornado watches and warnings.

Daviess County Public Schools

Daviess County Public Schools recognized their need for increased emergency preparedness and sought a solution capable of quickly sending detailed alerts to their numerous schools.

Episcopal High School

Episcopal High School required a notification solution that could integrate with its existing siren alerting system and provide additional alerting support during threats like active shooter scenarios.

Gilman School

With more than 1,000 students visiting the school’s 68-acre campus daily, maintaining a safe learning environment is a top priority for the Gilman School.

Ridgefield Public Schools

Following the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, CT, Ridgefield Public Schools evaluated its own emergency notification system knowing they needed to quickly alert staff and students of an emergency while also notifying police and central administration of the event. 

St. Benedict's Preparatory School

With an air horn and email/texting system already in place, St. Benedict’s realized the need for a more comprehensive emergency alerting system that could get alerts out to all faculty, staff, and students across campus quickly.



Anderson Hospital

When Anderson Hospital needed to address critical emergency notification issues, Alertus provided a solution that allowed the hospital to leverage existing infrastructure and integrate with existing notification technologies. 

Boston Medical Center

A number of unique challenges led Boston Medical Center to seek a campus-wide emergency notification solution.

Cambridge Health Alliance

Following the Boston Marathon bombings, Cambridge Health Alliance began a search for a more comprehensive emergency notification system.

Carolinas HealthCare System

Carolinas HealthCare System implemented the Alertus fire alarm control panel interface to improve emergency response times and communication between departments.

Hennepin County Medical Center

Being spread across five city blocks in downtown Minneapolis makes emergency communication a crucial element in Hennepin County Medical Center’s day-to-day operations.

Shawnee Mission Medical Center

Like many healthcare facilities, Shawnee Mission Medical Center faced the challenge of ensuring comprehensive coverage with their existing emergency mass communication systems. After identifying critical communications gaps that needed to be filled, the facility deployed the Alertus Desktop Alert Notification and Alert Beacons.



City of La Porte

Having the highest concentration of chemical plants in the world, the City of La Porte, Texas needed an emergency notification solution that allowed them to easily alert schools and other public buildings in the event of a threat, such as one involving hazardous waste.  

Greater Baytown - Chambers County, Texas

Emergency officials in Greater Baytown - Chambers County, Texas needed an emergency notification solution to better safeguard citizens and city employees assembling and working in publicly-owned buildings such as schools and courthouses.

Laclede County Office of Emergency Management

Responsible for reacting to any and all disasters in a 768 square mile area, Laclede County Office of Emergency Management needed a system capable of quickly and effectively reaching every government facility in Laclede County with a clear, concise message.



Lake City Army Ammunition Plant

Visual alerting is ideal for high-occupancy and high-noise ammunition production facilities such as the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant. So when the plant installed the Army’s first audiovisual notification system for use in an ammunition production area, they incorporated the Alertus Alert Beacon.



Kissimmee Utility Authority

To bring all their existing notification technology together as well as fill critical gaps in coverage, KUA needed a system that was powerful yet flexible enough to meet their specific needs.

Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre

To better provide emergency communication to the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre members training across the 300,000-square-foot facility, management recognized the need to expand the emergency notification system by integrating it with the Alertus System.