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Instant Command and Control
throughout Large, High-Occupancy Facilities

Government organizations operate in secure environments, placing limitations on effective emergency communications. Many workplaces require restricted access, encrypted files, and have limited or no access to email or phones.

The Alertus system provides a secure, on-premise mass notification solution that utilizes multiple layers of alerting modalities. It provides a single point of activation and control of all integrated alerting modalities throughout the organization or facility footprint.

The Alertus system software is certified against Federal IT security guidelines and constructed for Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) environments. The Alertus system is designed with integration in mind, and can complement or expand your organization’s existing emergency notification components.


Net-Centric Alerting Across Facilities


Alertus Desktop Notification enables authorized dispatchers to reach all or select personnel using a full-screen pop-up message. This solution is particularly useful for organizations with limited access to or restricted cell phone policies.

Desktop Notification is just once piece of the solution using net-centric enterprise alerting. You can display alerts on digital signage, interrupt cable televisions, trigger VoIP or IP phones, and send notifications over in-building public address speakers and outdoor giant voice systems.

Everything is activated seamlessly without the delay of activating disparate systems; and all with a consistent message.

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Activate Notifications on Phones
and Speakers

The Alertus VoIP Phone Notification solution transforms IP phones into a unified and secured emergency communication system. This innovative technology simultaneously activates audible/visual notifications on all or select supported VoIP or SIP phones and speakers.

You can send text and audio notifications in real-time, such as emergency alerts and live audio notifications, or schedule alerts via the scheduling system. Users can even activate notifications by simply picking up the phone and dialing the notification group directory number.

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Our Customers Include:

Alertus is very much willing to work together with almost any third-party notification company to strengthen your system.
— Jeff Suggs, emergency management coordinator for the City of La Porte, Texas

Visible Across Multiple Areas

In the absence of speakers, Alertus Alert Beacons are an excellent way to cost effectively retrofit facilities with reliable in-building notification. Personnel throughout the building are alerted by flashing strobes and distinct tones. A large integrated message display ensures absolute clarity about what the situation is and how to respond. Alert Beacons are highly affordable and practical to install without the need to wire speakers.

Alert Beacons serve as an excellent solution for buildings with historic preservation requirements.

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Send and Receive Alerts on Mobile Devices

The Alertus Mobile App allows authorized users to access the Alertus system to activate alerts in their own working environment through our Alertus Mobile App.

The Alertus Activator App allows authorized dispatchers to send emergency notification alerts quickly to personnel via Android or iOS tablets or smart phones.

The Alertus Recipient App is designed for end users who can download the app and receive alerts via a mobile or tablet device. The Recipient App includes an incident reporting feature that can include vital information such as geolocation, pictures, and more.

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Mass Notification system codes and Mandates


Federal Information & Contract Schedule

NAICS Codes: 334290, 236220, 541330, 54618, 511210, 518210, 561621
Federal EIN: 47-0903100
DUNS: 116352829
Contract Programs: NASA SEWP V, 8(a) Certified Partner, Small Business Administration HUBZone Certified Partner
PSC Codes: D399, R429, R426, 5810

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