Alertus System Frequently Asked Questions


+ Is the system cloud-hosted?

Alertus does not host or maintain the Alertus Server deployment for the added security benefit of having the system behind the local firewall. However, the Alertus Server can be installed in a cloud-hosted service. Currently, Alertus is not and does not provide SaaS.

+ What security and encryption is used?

AES is used for Alert Beacon traffic and PKI Certificates for Alertus Desktop™ Notification. The protocol is encrypted and proprietary. The Alertus Software runs behind your firewall and is secured by your network security measures.


+ How does the Alertus System pricing structure work?

Alertus Enhanced Services and Support provides access to a wide variety of software solutions, integration capabilities, and support for one low annual fee. Organizations then have the option to use any and all services available. Alertus also offers scalable pricing on third-party hardware and software integrations.

Integration & Installation

+ Is it possible to integrate with access control systems?

Yes, it is possible to integrate with access control systems. It is generally done with an Alert Beacon or an IP Relay, with a dry contact closure.

+ How can devices be grouped to alert select parts of my facility?

Customers can group devices using IP subnet ranges, machine names, Active Directory User Groups, or create groups on the fly within the Alertus Console by selecting the desired devices.

+ Do I have to install my own hardware?

Customers are responsible for the installation of their hardware. Alertus does have strong relationships with installers in your area and the Alertus Implementation Team will work closely with the installers to assist in hardware installation.

+ Where can I find product documentation?

Datasheets and other general product information can be found on the Alertus website at More technical product information can be found on the customer portal at All downloadable documentation will be provided by your implementation lead in the Implementation Master Plan.

Alert Beacon

+ How does the Alert Beacon® connect to my network?

The Alert Beacon communicates with the Alertus Server via power over ethernet through port 80.

+ Is there a way to utilize the TTS Speaker without an Alert Beacon?

The TTS interface is an Alert Beacon peripheral and is reliant upon the Alert Beacon to receive dynamic information from the Alertus Server.

+ Does the Alert Beacon have speech capabilities?

The Alert Beacon alone does not have speech capabilities. The Alertus Text-to-Speech interface is a peripheral of the Alert Beacon and when used in conjunction can convert the Alert Beacon message text to spoken voice.

+ How are the Alert Beacons powered?

Alert Beacons are powered via PoE, DC or AC plug-in power supply.

+ How large is the Alert Beacon?

The Alert Beacon is 5.9”H x 7.2”W x 2.2” D.

Alertus Desktop

+ Is the Alertus Desktop™ client available for Windows and Mac?

The Alertus Desktop™ Notification client is available for both Windows and Mac for machines that are up to date with the current OS’s.

+ Is the desktop client available for Linux?

Currently, the Alertus Desktop™ Notification client is not available for Linux.

TXT / Email

+ Do you provide text/email services?

Alertus does not provide a text/email service. Alertus has integrations with premiere text and email partners, as well as the ability to connect to a customer’s SMTP server to send out emails to distribution lists.

+ How does your integration with text providers work?

Alertus has integrations with premiere text and email partners using either a CAP or API, depending on the partner.

Digital Signage

+ How do you interact with my digital signage?

If a customer’s digital signage is Windows-based, Alertus has a native client to install onto those devices. If a customer’s digital signage is not Windows-based, Alertus has the ability to forward other data types, such as RSS or CAP.


Customer Support Documentation

Current customers can access the My Alertus Customer Portal at

For additional assistance please contact us for access to the Alertus Customer Support Site, or email us directly at

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