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Alertus Technologies a wide array of fully integrated speakers transforms indoor and outdoor areas into a unified emergency communication system. Coupled with Alertus Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology, these speakers can seamlessly deliver on-the-fly human speech synthesis, pre-recorded messages, and special siren tones to inform building occupants of the emergency and how to respond. It also works alongside other Alertus net-centric alerting endpoints to ensure consistent enterprise-wide notifications.       

Alertus’ speaker notifications can be sent real-time, such as emergency alerts and live audio notifications (i.e., PA system), or they can be scheduled via its embedded scheduling system.



Alertus Speaker Integrations

CISCO VoIP Phone Notification Alert

text-to-speech self-amplified speaker

  • Time-saving: Spoken voice is derived from the original message text, reducing overall response time and streamlining notification process

  • Empowering: Ability to convey specific details and instructions for the precise situation

  • Breakthrough Intelligibility: The world’s best embedded text-to-speech device, in terms of clarity and natural sounding intonation

  • Fit for Purpose: Designed exclusively for emergency applications

  • Customization: Available factory optimization of unique names and pronunciations to suit your organization

  • Future-Proof: Compatible with emerging standards such as CAP

  • Scalable: Designed for a variety of areas such as lobbies and egress locations

  • Application: Indoor

  • For full system compatibility download the Text-to-Speech Self-Amplified Speaker Data Sheet

AVAYA AUra and IP Office Phone alert image

HPS 100

  • Local Control Unit: The Alertus HPS100 features an optional weather tight local control unit with an LCD display and a local microphone for live voice messages

  • Innovative Text-to-Speech Technology: HPS100 integrates with Alertus’ dynamic text-to-speech technology providing clearly enunciated emergency notifications

  • Cost Effective: Cover key areas for a fraction of the cost of most large speaker arrays

  • Comprehensive: Launch alerts directly from the HPSA Dashboard in the Alertus Console. Run commands in real time, run test, check device status, and manage configurations

  • Easy Install: Lightweight speaker mounts to a mast or wall. After power is run to the speaker, the HPS100 can be installed by an IT or audio technician. No special certifications or licenses required

  • Reliable: System includes battery backup and continuous self-monitoring

  • Advanced Design: HPS100 is a low profile design made withlightweight, cast aluminum in the USA

  • For full system compatibility download the HPS 100 Data Sheet

SIP Annunciato with Alert Shown

5 Watt Horns

  • Supports Alertus (TTS): Alertus TTS provides immediate, customizable spoken voice derived from original message text

  • Notification Coverage: Unified activation, yet fully zoneable. Remote activation without physically being on site

  • Durable: Low heat dissipation allows unit to operate continuously with background music and in higher ambient temperatures

  • Effective: Built-in 5-watt or 15-watt, or 30-watt (upon request) amplifier with externally accessible volume control

  • Multi-Directional: Rotate, tilt, and swivel speaker position

  • Environmentally Friendly: Digital switching amplifier technology provides low DC current draw and heat dissipation

  • Weather-Resistant: Strong enough for indoor and outdoor areas, resists deteriorating effects of salt, sun, wind, and high humidity

  • Mounting: Simple and secure cast aluminum swivel mount, mountable to an I-beam flange

  • Frequency: 275 Hz to 14kHz

  • Dispersion: 120 ̊ x 90 ̊, predictable dispersion pattern over the full frequency range ensures intelligibility and ease of layout

  • For full system compatibility download the Indoor/Outdoor Self-Amplified Horn Data Sheet




Product Resources


Extend Alert Beacon® functionality with highly intelligible voice output of custom message text through advanced speakers for indoor notification.

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The Alertus HPS100 is a standalone, compact, self-amplified electronic speaker that delivers clear voice messaging and siren tones for emergency notification.The HPS100 provides comprehensive audible coverage to both your indoor and outdoor high-occupancy areas to ensure you reach everyone in an emergency.

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The high-efficiency Alertus Indoor/Outdoor Self-Amplified Horn is powerful enough to provide crystal clear audible notification for both indoor and outdoor areas.

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Learn how you can combine the power of Alertus’ text-to-speech technology with our High Power Speaker Arrays (HPSA), or integrate the Alertus System with your existing outdoor systems to create a comprehensive solution to reach everyone, everywhere, every time.

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Alertus Desktop™ Notification grabs the attention of your computer users immediately with a full screen (or optional partial screen) pop-up alert.

Users can quickly launch an alert for a general emergency—such as an accident or medical emergency—by simply pressing the panic button.


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