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Instantly Notify and Alert the Entire Campus Community

Higher education institutions face the unique challenge of keeping an entire campus community safe. In the event of an active shooter, campus evacuation, or weather-related emergency, campus safety officials need to be able to reach students, faculty, staff, and visitors across a large area and multiple facilities immediately.

Relying solely on personal notification for emergencies can limit your campus’s ability to reach intended audiences due to specific challenges including restricted phone access in classrooms and cellular network failures during emergencies. The Alertus system extends beyond personal notification by integrating with existing infrastructure and filling gaps in coverage with innovative alerting devices to create a multilayered notification system.

For over a decade Alertus has worked with hundreds of colleges and universities nationwide to achieve comprehensive emergency notification coverage throughout academic, residential, recreational, and administrative settings.


Cover More of the Campus Footprint

Higher education institutions use the Alertus Alert Beacon® throughout academic, residential, recreational, and administrative settings. Reliable and easy to install, these wall-mounted devices offer emergency communications when conventional methods such as email and phone notification fail.

Designed to seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure such as fire alarm panels, digital signage, and public address systems, Alert Beacons expand notification reach and cover more of the campus footprint. They are a cost-effective solution for retrofitting buildings without PA systems and can help institutions meet mass notification codes and mandates.

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Grab Immediate Attention of Your Computer Users

The Alertus Desktop™ Notification provides colleges and universities with another way to reach all or select members of the campus community in the event of an emergency. 

Computer desktop alerting is another option that colleges and universities choose to implement due to its extensive reach and impossible to miss full-screen notification alerting.

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Our Customers include:

We’ve been very satisfied with the Alertus Desktop Notification. This fall, we deployed to nearly 2,500 workstations, trained the police dispatchers, and have turned over the alert operations to them. This has been one of the easiest and quickest software deployments we’ve ever had.
— Karl Kowalski, Executive Director of User Services, University of Alaska Fairbanks

Enhance or Integrate Your
Giant Voice System

Alertus offers Outdoor Notification solutions designed to meet any college or university's needs. Our innovative, lightweight, high power speaker array is an ideal solution for outdoor notification, or we offer text-to-speech technology that can integrate with existing giant voice infrastructure.

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Emergency Mass Notification Solutions for Education