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Audible and Visual Notification

Enhance Notification Reach And Effectiveness With Audible And Visual Notification

Audible notifications such as fire alarms, overhead PA announcements, and sirens are important components of a mass notification system. However, using only audible notifications can leave large segments of your organization’s population in the dark due to lack of event details, such as how to respond during an emergency. Incorporating visual notification also helps to overcome challenges such as loud environments and ensures you reach those with auditory impairments.

Compliant with many mass notification codes and mandates including UFC, ADA, and NFPA 72, the Alertus System’s audible and visible notification methods can help your organization overcome common notification challenges, including: 

  • Reaching individuals with auditory or visual impairments

  • Buildings without an existing PA system

  • Buildings without 24/7 staffing for consistent oversight

  • Loud environments

  • Email notifications too slow and unreliable

  • Cellular network outages/dead zones

  • High volume of visitors/contractors not in contact databases


audible and visual notification with the Alert Beacon

The Alertus Alert Beacon is a wall-mounted IP alerting device that serves areas that lack an in-building emergency notification by instantly providing strobes and alert text, coupled with audio that can be heard from over several feet away. The Alert Beacon is not dependent on congested cell phone towers or the Internet, and can be connected to the Alertus System via ethernet, WiFi, or FM Radio.

  • Easy to install almost anywhere

  • Powerful, yet cost-effective

  • Compliant with mass notification code and mandates

You can extend the visual reach of the Alert Beacon with the Alertus LED Marquee.

Audible Notification with text-to-speech

In an emergency, you need clear, calm, consistent communications. Prerecorded messages can’t provide specific details and instructions, and live voice requires extraordinary poise to speak clearly into a microphone during an emergency.

Alertus’ text-to-speech technology (TTS) overcomes these challenges by leveraging the latest in voice synthesis technology. Crystal clear sound and exceptional intelligibility of spoken text enables you to leverage your existing speaker systems, such as PA systems, or use the Alertus Text-to-Speech IP Speaker to provide clear, wide-reaching notification for your organization.

Alertus Text-to-Speech technologies

Activate Notifications On Office Phones And Speakers

Alertus Technologies’ VoIP & IP phone notification solution transforms office phones into a unified emergency communication system. This innovative technology simultaneously activates audible/visual notifications on all or select supported VoIP or SIP phones and speakers.  It also works alongside Alertus Desktop Notification and other Alertus net-centric alerting endpoints to ensure consistent enterprise-wide notifications.