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Alertus Technologies is pleased to offer professional services tailored to your exact needs. Alertus' senior emergency management and crisis communications experts have extensive experience in the following reas:

  • Emergency response planning

  • Crisis communication strategy development

  • Communications system gap analysis

  • Emergency notification requirements identification

  • System design and implementation

  • Information system security

Providing one-on-one, in-person consultations with your organization, our professional services experts will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to maximize your emergency mass notification system's capabilities and crisis communication plan in the ways that work best for your specific environment.

Alertus' Professional Services Offerings



Site Survey

Site surveys are often times ideal for those organizations just beginning the process of identifying emergency notification system requirements, as well as for organizations with existing systems who are looking to increase the system’s maturity by expanding its reach, modernizing capability to leverage emerging notification modalities, or enhance the current system’s degree of integration in organization plans and processes.



Crisis Communication Plan Review

Clients often have Emergency Response Plans and supporting Crisis Communications Procedures in place to support them; however, there are often regulatory requirements or resource limitations which necessitate review by an impartial third party.



Concept of Operations Development

Similar to a Professional Services Site Survey, Alertus will deploy its senior consultant on-premise to work with your team to understand organization requirements, operational capabilities, limitations, and desires. The consultant will then formulate a Concept of Operations upon which you may base policies and procedures to support system integration into Emergency Response Plans, message mapping, process development, and system training for administrators, users, and alert notification recipients.



Alertus System Configuration and Training

While many system configuration and aspects are easily addressed via remote collaborative sessions using tools such as web-hosted video, Alertus provides customers the opportunity to leverage our Alertus System experts to facilitate the implementation of and training on your Alertus System on site with you and to your specifications.


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