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Outdoor High Power Speaker Arrays


When you are sending emergency communications, outdoor open areas are best served by voice notification. Pre-recorded messages often fall short of providing people with specific information. Likewise,  an unrehearsed live voice is onerous and can be challenging and stressful in a crisis situation. Customers have found that when using live public address systems, communication often comes across unintelligible when amplified due to several factors including accents, voice inflections, fast or slow cadence, or improper enunciation. These factors can lead to a garbled message, creating more confusion and chaos in the event of an emergency.

Alertus offers breakthrough text-to-speech technology embedded in a high power speaker array (HPSA) to overcome these challenges. Alertus can override your existing outdoor HPSA or design a new system to cover your campus, base, or facility outdoor areas with siren tones and clear voice messages. Alertus outdoor self-amplified high power speakers and low powered self-amplified speakers are also available should an HPSA not be suitable for your location.


Speaker Compatibility and Configuration

Alertus can help you determine the correct number and location of outdoor speakers and can perform a preliminary acoustical study to predict the sound coverage of each speaker. We will take into account the areas that you would like covered with clear voice, topographical changes, vegetation, building heights, ambient noise, and several other factors to optimally place the speakers. Alertus also integrates and is compatible with a number of outdoor mass notification speaker options, including but not limited to HPSA towers from ATI, Whelen, Federal Signal, American Signal, and Cooper Waves.

Our speakers can be set up in several configurations, depending on the desired acoustic coverage area. The most common arrangement of speakers include:

  • "O" shape: elliptical characteristic arrangement

  • “F” shape: directional characteristic arrangement

  • “8” shape: figure eight characteristic arrangement


High Powered Speaker Arrays Key Features

Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 1.39.06 PM.png

  • Innovative Text-to-Speech Technology: Dynamic text-to-speech technology provides clearly annunciated emergency notifications that can easily be heard over siren systems

  • Cost Effective: Users can easily upgrade their system as needed or leverage existing infrastructure

  • Secure: Software is certified to be behind Department of Defense firewalls, making this system one of the safest and most secure options available

  • Reliable: IP/wired solution offers a reliable solution that isn’t limited by WiFi connectivity; system includes battery backup and is continually monitored

  • Modern Design: Lightweight, aerodynamic design is easy to install and withstands wind gusts

Before, with sirens and public address, you could only do pre-recorded voice messages. Now, with Alertus’ outdoor notification interface, we can do text-to-speech based on the situation, which is so valuable to us.
— Mark Bagby, Director of Emergency Management, Washington University in St. Louis


Product Resources


Learn more about the dynamic technology of the HPSA that produces learn emergency notification to outdoor areas.

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Learn about the self amplified high power speaker providing clear emergency notification for outdoor and large indoor areas.

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Wide-area, outdoor mass notification systems are generally installed to provide real-time information with siren tones and clear voice messages to outdoor areas including campuses, military bases, or facilities. However, there are some challenges that prevent from clearly communicating and receiving these messages within these outdoor areas.

> Watch the Replay

This video features a test of the Alertus High Power Speaker Array (300 watts) at a distance of 150 yards. Using the Alertus Text-To-Speech Interface Module, a spoken message plays automatically though outdoor self-amplified long-range speakers and as an integration module for use with "giant voice" high power speaker array (HPSA) towers.

> Watch


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