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Alertus Certified Training

Welcome to the Alertus Certified Training Program. This page is designed to provide training for new partners. All partners are required to go through a two-part training program to become a certified Alertus dealer.

Once you have completed both parts of the Alertus Certified Training Program, Alertus will send you a certificate of completion. Please email if you have any questions.


Part One

Alertus hosts a monthly webinar series that are free and open to the public. Register for and attend one of our upcoming product specific Alertus webinars to complete part one of the certified training program.

Please email if you are viewing the live webinar as a group under one individual's registration.


Part Two

View both the sales- and technical-specific pre-recorded training videos and take a short quiz to complete part two of the Alertus Certified Training Program.

Sales Training Session

Video | Quiz

Technical Training Session

Video | Quiz