Maximizing Your System Capabilities with Alertus ENS

Whether you received the Alertus Desktop™ Notification donation for your campus and want to expand your capabilities, or looking to build a brand new notification system for your organization, your investment into the Alertus Mass Notification System is about getting the best in emergency notification to help keep the people in your facility safe. With Alertus Enhanced Notification Service (ENS), you can both expand and maximize your system’s capabilities, while getting the peace of mind that comes with live technical support.

ENS is the easiest and most cost-effective way to keep your Alertus Emergency Mass Notification System at it’s best. Receive 24/7 support, training, and advanced product capabilities and integrations, not to mention access to new product releases and software updates.

Enhanced Capabilities

ENS Products.png
  • Alertus Desktop™ Notification: Unleash the power of your desktop. With ENS, you can enjoy custom colors, branding, and more. You can also issue fullscreen, quarter, and ticker alerts, as well as play audio.
  • Digital Signage/Cable TV Override: Leverage your investment in new ways. Transform these devices into intelligent alerting appliances to display emergency alerts. Also, play alert tones and voice messages on devices with audio output capabilities.
  • Desktop Activator: Launch an alert directly from your desktop. Use the system tray icon, button combination on your keyboard, or the Alertus USB panic button to launch an alert right from the convenience of your desk.
  • Alertus Recipient App: Never be without important notification. Provide your facility with geo-tagged incident reporting, custom branding, built-in customizable public safety numbers, a simple interface, and easy setup with the Alertus Recipient App.
  • Alertus Activator App: Take the Alertus System with you. The Alertus Activator App is fully integrated with the entire Alertus suite of products to allow you to activate the Alertus System from anywhere.
  • ThreatWatcher: Let Alertus track the storm. With ENS, your system can monitor NOAA, AccuWeather, and other third-party services for alert worthy weather information and automatically send alerts without user intervention.
  • Social Media Integration: We’ll post when needed. Let the Alertus System send emergency information to your social media followers to keep them informed on the go.

ENS Support

Live technical support is only a call or email away. The Alertus Support Team will assist you with system setup, integration, and hardware acceptance testing. ENS also allows you to receive one-on-one New Client Web Training and access dozens of online resources.

Additional Features

In addition to enhanced system capabilities and support, ENS gives you active directory login and single sign-on support, active directory/LDAP targeting, role-based user access, map-based targeting, outbound activation of third-party personal recipient systems, and inbound activation through multiple methods including Alertus API, CAP, RSS, and IPAWS.

Get started now! Download the Alertus ENS data sheet or visit to learn more, and contact us at or 866.425.3788 to sign up today.

Sharice Ruan