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Brand Guidelines

When promoting our joint product offerings or Alertus products that you resell or refer, please follow the Brand Guidelines consistently in order to maintain the integrity of the Alertus brand and the impact of jointly promoting Alertus solutions to customers and prospects. If you have any questions regarding the Alertus Brand Guidelines,
please contact

Partner Co-Marketing Guidelines | Company Reference & Trademarks | Partner Onboarding Kit |
Alertus Certified Partner Badge | Terminology

Partner co-Marketing Guidelines

While we encourage our reseller network to use the resources provided in the Alertus Partner Portal, we ask that you stay within the framework we provide. You may only use the resources provided to you in this Partner Portal. The language and images you use your website may not have potential to confuse visitors and prospective customers that the products and solutions you are presenting are yours, and not those of Alertus Technologies.

Things you CAN do:

  1. You can utilize content that we make available for you on the Alertus Partner Portal. Any available marketing resources will be provided and clearly identified as resources for resellers to use.

Things you CAN'T do:

  1. You can't copy our text word for word. This is bad for all of us as search engines will punish us all for the duplicate content. It can also confuse visitors and prospects and dilutes the Alertus brand. Please rewrite your content to resolve this issue.

  2. You can't use our product descriptions word-for-word or site imagery. A quick test to figure out if something is usable is to ask yourself if we have made it available for download/use via the Partner Portal. If not provided in the Partner Portal, you can link Alertus videos, but you may not embed them on your site without permission. It looks like you have outdated images on your site, so please use this opportunity to update.

  3. You must use proper product names, copyrights, and make it clear in your copy that the products you are describing are proprietary to Alertus.

  4. You can't reference any direct customer of Alertus as a case study or reference for your company. You may share case studies if clearly stated that it is a direct Alertus customer.

Download your Partner Co-Marketing Guidelines below:

From its inception, the Alertus system was designed with a focus on web standard interoperability and compatibility

Company Reference & Trademarks

Alertus Brand:

  • Our legal name is Alertus Technologies, LLC
  • Alertus®: Alertus is a registered trademark. Always use the registered trademark symbol on first reference
Partners should reference the company and products below as:
  • Alertus Technologies or Alertus
  • Alertus Alert Beacon
  • Alertus Desktop Notification or Alertus Desktop
Partners should use the appropriate trademark when referring to Alertus and Alertus products:
  • Alertus®
  • Alertus Alert Beacon®
  • Alertus Desktop™ Notification


Partner Onboarding Kit

Access our newly created Partner Onboarding Kit. Please update any Alertus collateral on your websites with the resources found in your kit. If you have any questions reach out to Use this Kit to begin meaningful conversations with your customers by:

  1. Telling Our Story

  2. Explaining Our Value Proposition

  3. Demonstrating our Solutions

  4. Understanding Alertus Integration Capabilities

  5. Providing Partner Resources

  6. And much more!

Download your Partner Onboarding below:


Alertus Certified Partner Badge

Alertus authorizes and encourages partners to use our Alertus Certified Partner badge in any online or print material to promote our partnership. Once you have become a certified partner, add our Alertus Certified Partner badge to your website in an appropriately referenced partner section, link it back to the Alertus website, and let our marketing department know at

If you need the official Alertus logo, contact

Logo Treatment:

  • The badge proportions of 1:3 ratio should never be distorted

  • There should always be .25” amount of white space around the badge, and .25” space (two line breaks) below the badge before text

The Alertus Partner Certified badge for approved use in promotional, advertising, or press materials are available for download below:


Terminology: Alertus Products, Services, and Technology

Products - Hardware

  • Alert Beacon: Wall-mounted audible visual notification appliance, designed for prominent high visibility locations. (Always refer to the Alert Beacon by the full trademarked term; Do not reference as "the beacon" or "beacons."

  • Alertus Graphical LED Display: LED display with the ability to illuminate text on solid color background (e.g., white text on all-red background)

  • High Power Speaker Array (HPSA): Outdoor wide-area notification system, often referred to as “giant voice.”

  • LED Marquee: Overhead display sign

  • Panic Buttons: Enables individuals to signal for help by activating preset notifications to safety authorities or even more broadly. Versions include: physical panic button (typically wall mounted), USB-based panic button (wall mounted, under the desk, or tabletop)

  • Text-To-Speech (TTS) Interface Module: Enables centralized command and control of public address systems, outdoor HPSA systems, and other speakers such as self-amplified speakers and horns.

Products - Software

  • Alertus Activator App: Mobile app for an emergency manager to originate alerts. (Legacy term: Alertus Dispatcher App)

  • Alertus Recipient App: Mobile app for recipients to be notified. (Legacy term: Alertus Mobile)

  • Alertus Activation Console: Alertus' graphical user interface (GUI / UI) for originating alerts, reviewing reporting, and configuring system settings. (Legacy term: AlertusWeb)

  • Alertus Desktop Notification (or Alertus Desktop): Instantaneously flashes pop-up alerts on all or select PC and Mac computers. (Legacy term: Alertus Desktop Premier, Alertus Desktop Standard).

  • Alertus Middleware: Alertus’ proprietary tools and communication protocols that facilitate Alertus Notification System functionalities.

  • Alertus Mass Notification System (or Alertus System): The collective components of the Alertus solution for originating, processing and disseminating, and receiving alerts.

  • Alertus Server Software: A physical or virtual server consisting of Alertus Middleware and Alertus Activation Console components. (Legacy term: eEAS)

  • Cable TV Override: Overrides all television channels with a full-screen alert.

  • Desktop Activator: Desktop panic button - software-based activated from the desktop system tray or with a combination of hotkeys from the keyboard.

  • Digital Signage Override: Transforms digital displays (with medial players) into integrated alerting endpoints.

  • Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) Interface: Monitors and controls existing or new fire alarm systems and allows events from the FACP to automatically trigger events in the Alertus Notification System, activating other endpoints that provide audible and visual notification.

  • Outdoor Notification: Using the Alertus TTS Interface Module, a spoken message plays automatically though outdoor self-amplified long-range speakers and as an integration module for use with “giant voice” high power speaker array (HPSA) towers. Alertus’ self-amplified “horn” style speakers are ideal should HSPA towers not be suitable or cost effective.

  • VoIP Notification: Transforms office phones into a unified emergency communication modality with audible and visual notifications.


  • Enhanced Notification Service & Support (ENS): Enhanced licensing and support entailing premium features for Alertus Desktop and additional notification capabilities such as Digital Signage Override, ThreatWatcher, activation of DRMNS services. (Legacy term: Alertus Desktop Premier)

Industry Terminology

  • Distributed Recipient Mass Notification System (DRMNS): Official terminology for personal recipient notification systems that notifies individuals personal and mobile devices through outcall/autodialing, text message blasts, and email.

  • Emergency Notification System: An alternate term for MNS, which although broad is often applied to refer to a DRMNS provider.

  • Mass Notification System (MNS): Communication system for disseminating timely alerts and warnings to protect lives, property, and maintain business continuity.

  • Public Address (PA) System: Conventional in-building notification system entailing electronic sound amplification with a microphone, amplifier, and speakers installed at a distance of twice the ceiling height in all areas.