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Alertus Technologies offers an assortment of products and solutions to fit your unified facility notification needs. Our products include the wall-mounted Alert Beacon®, computer desktop alerting, panic button, LED marquee display, text-to-speech interface for public address and giant outdoor speaker systems, fire alarm interface, VoIP phone alerting, digital signage and cable television override, and mobile phone alerting capabilities.

All Alertus emergency notification products come with a set of standard features and support. Patch-level updates and access to the document portal are included as part of the standard product services and features.


Standard Features & Services

  • Alertus software package with full-screen notification

  • Active desktop monitoring and notification

  • System activation by third-party text message service

  • Notification by group, IP address, and device

  • Social media and homepage notification publishing

  • Automatic, customizable notification triggers

  • Administrator web dashboard

  • System and notification audit reports

  • Device assignment utility

  • Efficient use of server resources

  • Windows and Mac compatibility

  • Website instructional support resource

Alertus Enhanced
Notification Service

The Alertus Enhanced Notification Service (ENS) offers additional, personalized technical support for Alertus products. The enhanced features are licensed as part of the ENS; many of the features are implemented with assistance from the Alertus support services team.

The Alertus system is designed with integration in mind, which allows us to leverage your existing IT assets and facility infrastructure to cost effectively deliver reliable, timely notification. Contact us today to learn how you can enhance or build a system according to your needs, whether it’s designing something from the ground up or complimenting an existing notification system that you may already have in place.

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