Alertus Site Surveys

Site surveys are ideal for organizations just beginning the process of identifying emergency notification system requirements, as well as for organizations with existing systems who are looking to increase the system’s maturity by expanding its reach, modernizing capability to leverage emerging notification modalities, or enhance the current system’s degree of integration in organization plans and processes.

Alert beacons - a Customized approach for your unique challenges


Site Surveys can help your organization determine where to install products, such as Alert Beacons, as there is not a standardized best practice installation location, but rather is dependent upon the organization and its operational culture.

Alertus recommends placing Alert Beacons or other suitable alerting appliances in high-traffic areas, entrances and exits, instructional areas, open-area office spaces, and common areas. The device placement often reflects the strategy the organization employs in the rooms located within the buildings (i.e., front area of the room away from doors or windows).

For example, in a college or university setting, we recommend Alert Beacons installed in the following areas:

  • One per administrative suite

  • One per recreational facility or area

  • One per residential hall

  • All entrance and exit corridors

  • One per floor

  • One per classroom

Alertus also recommends installing one Alert Beacon per 5,000 square feet in your facility. For an estimate of how many Alert Beacons your organization needs, use the estimator calculator below.

Alert Beacon Calculator
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Organization Type:

Total number of buildings:

Total number of floors across all buildings
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Total number of entrances and lobby areas across all buildings
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Gross square footage of all buildings
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