Smart Buildings

Smart Buildings, or Intelligent Buildings, link infrastructure and IT together to streamline and monitor all areas of the building's functions, from HVAC systems to access control. With the power of the IoT, Smart Buildings can now also integrate mass notification systems to provide building occupants and managers situational awareness and support business continuity. The Alertus Emergency Mass Notification System is designed to seamlessly integrate and leverage existing building systems and technology to bring critical information to everyone on site.

Life Safety / Fire Systems and Mass Notification

Life Safety and Fire Systems

Alertus offers bilateral integration with life safety and fire systems with the Alertus Fire Alarm Control Panel Interface. This innovative interface takes fire alarm event information from the fire panel, applies smart logic/transformation technologies, and broadcasts messages over multiple communication paths.  

Use Case: In the event of a fire, the fire pull would activate the fire alarms and trigger evacuation instructions to computer desktops, VoIP phones, and intelligible text-to-speech announcements over the PA system.


Access Control Systems and Mass Notification

Access Control

When an employee scans his or her access card that information is read and processed by the Access Control System. By integrating Alertus with access control building management, security teams can gain useful insight as to when people have entered the building and where they are, to get this information to the right people in the event of an emergency.

Use Case: An employee from another site scans their access card, "checking in" to the facility. During their visit, location-specific notifications, such as severe weather alerts, are sent to all employee desktops and cell phones, including the visiting employee, to help keep them informed and safe.

Building Automation and Emergency Mass Notification

Building Automation

Many smart buildings now automate their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems within the building's BIoT system. Integrating the Alertus System with your building automation system provides unparalleled situational awareness of the building.

Use Case: Toward the end of the school day, a K-12 campus experiences a lock down situation. The Alertus System recognizes the lock down notification that was activated and communicates to the building automation system ensuring the HVAC system maintains full capacity levels instead of automatically powering down.

Camera / Security Systems and Mass Notification

Camera Systems

Combine the power of smart camera video analysis with Alertus' Mass Notification System to automatically identify threats and seamlessly activate emergency notification.

Use Case: A smart camera system picks up the face of a disgruntled past employee that is not permitted in the facility. This detection can then trigger the Alertus System to send a notification to emergency personnel, or all staff in the area where the employee was spotted.