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Alertus Text-to-Speech Interface


In an emergency, spoken alerts can deliver critical details about the emergency and instructions on how to react. However, live voice announcements can be challenging under stress, and is often unintelligible when amplified. Pre-recorded messages are limited in their scope, and can’t offer incident-specific information. Text-to-speech technology from Alertus overcomes these challenges.

The Alertus Voice PA and Fire Alarm Audio Interface utilizes breakthrough text-to-speech (TTS) technology that is embedded in a compact PCB module to fit inside most fire alarm audio control panels, public address systems, outdoor giant voice speaker systems, or standalone indoor/outdoor speaker enclosures. In each of these applications, the TTS module is usually fed emergency messages from an Alert Beacon. The Alertus TTS solution leverages the latest in voice synthesis technology to deliver fully customizable spoken alert messages in real time.


Alertus TTS Interface Features & Benefits

  • Cost Effective: Leverages existing infrastructure

  • Multimodal enabling: Unifies and streamlines multimodal mass notification by incorporating in-building voice via a simple, straightforward interface serving a wide range of voice paging, public address, and fire alarm audio systems

  • Reliable: Embedded module is not dependent on off-site servers to process text-to-speech, eliminating critical fail point

  • ADA accessibility: option to incorporate Alert Beacons to serve deaf and hard-of-hearing without any infrastructure upgrades and changes in processes

  • Flexible: Remote activation from anywhere

  • Empowering: Custom messages with specific empowering information, preferred over the pre-recorded message, which only conveys limited detail and cannot serve every situation

  • Easy: Text-to-speech voice annunciation assists dispatchers who may be under pressure during a crisis situation activate speakers without the challenges of live voice

  • Intelligibility: Higher message intelligibility factor than spoken live voice

  • Interoperable: Unifies mass notification between new construction projects built with a voice system and older facilities retrofitted with Alert Beacons, digital signage override, and desktop alerts

We’ve been very pleased with the Alertus TTS. It gives us the ability to easily customize our message while providing a spoken voice that is clearly understood.
— Mark Mabe, Director of IT, Missouri Western State University


Product Resources


The Alertus Text-to-Speech Interface delivers clear, spoken voice output of emergency alerts.

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Following the Boston Marathon bombings, Cambridge Health Alliance began a search for a more comprehensive emergency notification system.

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