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alertus technologies webinar series

Our series of educational webinars highlights the latest in unified facility notification products, best practices, and emergency preparedness.

Advancing Your Emergency notification with shooter detection

Wednesday, July 25 12:00 PM, EDT

The rise in active shooter incidents is overwhelming, but you can be prepared. As the problem advances, so do the solutions. With the growth of shooter detection devices and software, the ability to respond to active shooter incidents and send vital information to everyone like never before can now be yours.


During this live webinar, you will:

  • Examine common notification challenges and their solutions
  • Identify your existing notification assets and how they can be leveraged in an active shooter emergency
  • Explore shooter detection solutions and integration capabilities
  • Discover key features and capabilities of the Alertus Emergency Mass Notification System
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 John Dorney, HPSA Product Manager

Amanda Sassano, Director of Commercial Sales



Joe Tuck, Sales Engineer