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Audible & Visual Notification Using the Alert Beacon

For more than a decade, the Alert Beacon® has proven itself to be a reliable notification device providing both audible and visual alerting to thousands of facilities globally. Watch this webinar replay to learn how the intelligence and efficiency of this wall-mounted device make it an essential addition to your emergency notification system.

Secure and supervised, the Alert Beacon is a versatile alerting device that’s great for any facility. Alert Beacon is also an affordable option over expensive PA systems, making mass notification more accessible. Join our upcoming webinar to discover how the Alert Beacon can provide ADA compliant coverage at an affordable cost to all organizations.

During this webinar, we will:

  • Identify common notification challenges facing organizations and how the Alert Beacon can help solve them

  • Determine how facility-based notification solutions can improve your mass notification reach

  • Learn about the Alert Beacon’s key features and capabilities

  • Find out how Alert Beacons can get the right information to the right people with targeted, scenario-specific notification

  • Discover how this powerful device helps satisfy numerous codes and mandates


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Eric Murphy

Regional Account Manager - Education

Alertus Technologies