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Alertus Presents Chromebook Notification


The Winter '18 Alertus Release features our brand new Alertus Chromebook Notification solution—the first notification solution of its kind for Google Chromebooks. Built specifically for use by Chrome devices, this quarter-screen pop-up notification delivers critical information quickly to all subscribers, providing yet another effective layer of notification coverage as part of the Alertus Mass Notification System. 

Key features of the Alertus Chromebook Notification include:

  • Easy set up: No software download required

  • Customizable: Custom sign-up pages, alert graphics, and texts

  • User Management: View and manage alert subscribers and important information

  • Expanded reach: Take Alertus Chromebook Notification on the go and get alerts on your mobile devices

Watch this complimentary 30-minute webinar to learn how Alertus Chromebook Notification enhances your mass notification strategy. 


Chromebook Notification Webinar Replay


Erik Eckstrand

Erik Eckstrand, Director, K-12 Sales

Gary El-Gamil

Gary El-Gamil, Director of Software Engineering