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Educational webinars highlighting the latest in unified facility notification products, best practices, and emergency preparedness.

2019 Release: Everything you Need to Know About Alertus Desktop™ 5.0


The Alertus Desktop™ Notification grabs the attention of computer users immediately with a full screen (optional partial screen or ticker) pop-up alert. With the new 2019 Winter Software Release, Alertus Desktop™ Notification is now better than ever. Alertus Desktop™ 5.0 is more user-friendly, efficient, and customizable. Users can enjoy new templates, improved targeting, alert dissemination, and accessibility. Join this upcoming webinar to learn more about the new features and what your organization needs to do to begin enjoying the latest upgrades.

During this live webinar, you will:

  • Examine key features and capabilities of Alertus Desktop™ 5.0

  • Discover new, customizable templates, alert speeds, and more

  • Explore new Alertus Console enhancements
    Understand what next steps your organization needs to take to begin capitalizing on the Alertus Desktop™ 5.0 features


Eric Murphy

Eric Murphy, Regional Account Manager

2019 Release: Everything you Need to Know About Alertus Desktop 5.0
Gary Software Developer

Gary El-Gamil, Software Developer