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Audible/Visual Appliances


Alertus Technologies offers powerful audible and visual appliances for emergency alerting such as strobes, horns, Alertus LED Marquees, and more. These appliances are an essential component of a unified mass notification system. Using audible and visual notifications ensures that your organization’s entire population can receive and respond to alerts by overcoming loud environments, and reach those with auditory impairments.

These appliances are also compliant with mass notification codes and mandates including UFC, ADA, and NFPA 72, the Alertus System’s audible and visible notification methods can help your organization overcome any common notification challenges.


Audible/Visual Appliances

CISCO VoIP Phone Notification Alert

Alertus LED MArquee

  • Extend Alert Beacon Reach: As an Alert Beacon peripheral device, the Alertus LED Marquee displays Alert Beacon text for higher visibility and impact in large areas or high noise areas

  • Notification Coverage: Multiple display modes, remotely selectable

  • Customizable: Select from background color palette to distinguish emergency alerts from announcements.Color palatte options include green, red, and white

  • Multi-Purpose: Current time displayed when no alert or announcement is active, thus doubling as a synchronized clock

  • Multiple Settings: Word wrapping and time/date formatting; auto-brightness sensor

  • Remote Monitoring: Automatic email notification to appropriate staff if a sign is unresponsive

  • Power Supply: Uses the same power source as the Alert Beacon and is energy efficient

  • For full system compatibility download the Alertus LED Marquee Data Sheet

AVAYA AUra and IP Office Phone alert image

Horn Strobe

  • ADA Compliant: Provides both visual and audible notification

  • Environmentally Friendly: Efficient device provides reliable notification with a low current draw

  • Used Everywhere: Indoor and outdoor setup available

  • Lens Colors: Available in red, green, amber, blue, and clear

  • Visual Notification: Xenon strobe light with flash rate of 60 fpm

  • Audible Notification: Heard at 100dB from 1 meter away, 90dB from 10ft

  • For full system compatibility download the Visual Signaling Data Sheet

SIP Annunciato with Alert Shown

stackable signaling Lights

  • Gasketed Modules: Steady-on or flashing incandescent, steady-on or flashing halogen, dual-mode steady-on/Ultra-Flash (random) or flashing LED, strobe

  • ADA Compliant: Provides both visual and audible notification

  • Used Everywhere: Indoor and outdoor setup available

  • Lens Colors: Available in red, green,amber, blue, magenta, and clear

  • Visual Notification: Uses 101XBRM LED beacons

  • Audible Notification: Base unit comes with 85 dB pulsating horn at 10ft

  • For full system compatibility download the Visual Signaling Data Sheet


Incandescent Beacon

  • Easy Install: Terminals designed for easy wiring allowing for a simple installation right out of the box

  • Various Options: Available in two versions, flashing and steady-on

  • Agency Approval: UL and cUL listed

  • Unobtrusive Design: Blends in when not in use

  • Used Everywhere: Indoor and outdoor versions available

  • Durability: Base is manufactured from 33% glass filled nylon, high heat and high chemical resistant, shatter resistance lens

  • Power: 24 V DC or 120 V AC

  • Operating Temperature Range: -21 ̊F to 150 ̊F (-35 ̊C to 66 ̊C)

  • Mounting: Panel or conduit mounting options

  • Lens Colors: Available in amber, blue, clear, green, and red

  • Base Colors: Available in black and gray

  • Dimensions: Beacon = 3.875” H x 3.25” W

  • For full system compatibility download the Incandescent Beacon Data Sheet


Product Resources


Alertus LED Marquees offer a cost-effective way to reach large public areas indoors and outdoors with emergency notifications or general announcements. Alertus LED Marquees are configured and activated through the easy-to-use Alertus Activation Software (browser-based user interface). The configuration is as simple as logging into the web interface and selecting the desired display mode.

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Alertus visual signaling solutions are customizable for any organization. These unique devices offer multicolored light options, and in some cases, clear sound to deliver various types of alerts from a single device. Communicate an emergency without saying a word. With the Alertus System, visual signaling is zoneable to enable safety officials to notify specific areas, buildings, and corridors.

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The Incandescent Beacon is a visual notification device that can be mounted anywhere for either flashing or steady-on lighting. These durable beacons are perfect for single-purpose alerting in large corridors, offices, classrooms or other high occupancy areas. With the Alertus System, the beacons are zoneable to enable safety officials to notify specific areas, buildings, and corridors as needed.

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Related Products


In the event of an emergency, these devices flash and sound to capture the attention of building occupants at a distance and display a custom message about the nature of the emergency and how to respond.

Users can quickly launch an alert for a general emergency—such as an accident or medical emergency—by simply pressing the panic button.


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