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Alertus LED Marquee


Alertus LED marquees offer a cost effective way to reach large indoor or outdoor public areas with emergency notifications or simply announcements. LED marquees require a wall-mounted Alert Beacon in order to drive it. The LED marquees are also typically placed overhead to complement the beacon. Additionally, LED displays and Alert Beacons serve deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals and ensure your facilities are ADA compliant.

Alertus LED marquees are configured and activated through the easy to use browser-based Alertus Activation Software, or through most major distributed recipient mass notification software.



LED Marquee Key Features

  • Notification Coverage: Multiple display modes, remotely selectable

  • Multi-Purpose: Current time displayed when no alert or announcement is active, thus doubling as a synchronized clock

  • Various Settings: Word wrapping and time/date formatting; auto-brightness sensor

  • Remote Monitoring: Automatic email notification to appropriate staff if a sign is unresponsive

  • Power Supply: The same adapter that powers the LED Marquee can also power Alert Beacon if needed

We particularly appreciated the Alert Beacons’ ability to interface with external audio-visual devices such as sirens, strobes, television, and scrolling marquees. We feel that these types of displays are well-suited [or notifying a portion of our disabled population and complying with ADA requirements.
— Steve Corich, Public Safety Director, Mesa Community College


Product Resources


Learn how you can cost-effectively reach lard indoor or outdoor areas with emergency notifications with the Alertus LED Marquee.

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Alertus leads the way in creating integrated, unified mass notification solutions designed to alert all or select individuals throughout an institution or enterprise.

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Visual alerting is ideal for high-occupancy and high-noise ammunition production facilities such as the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant. So when the plant installed the Army’s first audiovisual notification system for use in an ammunition production area, they incorporated the Alertus Alert Beacon.

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